'The Last Letter From Your Lover' originally had a different opening scene, the director says

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felicity jones as ellie haworth in the last letter from your lover, in a newsroom taking phone call
Felicity Jones in "The Last Letter From Your Lover." Parisa Taghizadeh/Netflix
  • The original opening scene of 'The Last Letter From Your Lover' got cut during edits.

  • In the deleted sequence, Ellie went out on a blind date and ended up going home with the bartender.

  • They edited it down to her waking up in his bed because the original plan "dragged out the opening."

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Ellie Haworth makes her entrance in Netflix's "The Last Letter From Your Lover" the morning after a one-night stand, waking up groggy and disoriented.

"I have to sort of start getting ready for work, so I might have to ask you to, um - if you don't mind," the London Chronicles writer (played by Felicity Jones) tells the man lying in bed next to her as she gestures to the door.

He replies, "This is actually my flat."

In one fell swoop, she hops out of bed, fuddles her host's name, and declines his offer to swap phone numbers. The film offers little backstory on how the journalist, fresh out of a "soul-destroying" breakup, ended up there.

last letter from your lover felicity joned wakes up next to stranger
"The Last Letter From Your Lover" premieres July 23. Netflix

During a recent interview with Insider ahead of the movie's Friday release, director Augustine Frizzell revealed that the initial plan was for the audience to meet Ellie at a different moment.

Before the scene got shaved down in edits, it showed the events that landed her in the stranger's bed.

It all started with a blind date gone wrong

In the original opening scene, Ellie leaves work to primp for a blind date, Frizzell said. Her two friends, who still made the final cut and appear when Ellie rolls into work the next day, give her a pep talk.

"They're like, 'You're going to do great!'" the director recalled.

ellies friends in the last letter from your lover
Ellie's cowokers in "The Last Letter From Your Lover." Netflix

Ellie, heartbroken and cynical about love after the end of her eight-year relationship, goes on the date and "ends up hooking up with the bartender" instead of the person with whom she was set up.

The bartender, Frizzell clarified, is the man she wakes up next to the following morning.

The blind-date scene got cut during edits

After reviewing Ellie's first scene, they decided that the extra context wasn't necessary for her story.

"We just kind of set all that up, but we realized that we just didn't need it," Frizzell said. They decided it "dragged out the opening of the movie."

felicity jones in the last letter from your lover
Felicity Jones stars in "The Last Letter From Your Lover." Netflix

Showing Ellie in bed next to a mystery man attempting to kick him out of his own apartment gave the audience a sufficient idea of who she is as a character - fiercely independent and closed off from romantic connection.

"It just made sense to come in where we come in, which is where she's waking up at the guy's house," Frizzell said.

She went on, "We didn't need the other stuff to set up who she was. That scene was like, 'OK, we get who she is. We get it from the minute we meet her."

Axing the original opener meant one actor's role disappeared from the film entirely

Unfortunately, losing the early section of Ellie's story meant actor Vilhelm Blomgren, who had been cast as her blind date, was no longer included in the film at all.

"The hardest part is always having to lose actors that I love," Frizzell said.

Vilhelm Blomgren on red carpet
Vilhelm Blomgren attends the premiere of A24's "Midsommar." Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

The director became a fan of the Swedish actor after seeing him portray Pelle in the A24 horror film "Midsommar" (2019).

"He's just so funny and so good," she said, continuing, "It was an interesting version of him that we hadn't seen. I was so bummed to lose it, but it just didn't work."

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