Last Call for SoCal Snowboarding!

Mount Baldy's throwing a snowboarding farewell party this weekend! Not officially but it IS closing weekend. Hurry, though, the snow's vanishing faster than socks in the laundry. It's a race against time, but don't worry, gravity's on your side. So grab your board and embrace the absurdity of shredding in the land of palm trees and sunshine.

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"Who is ready for closing weekend, Baldy style? We are no strangers to holding down the last days of skiing & riding in SoCal and this is how we milk every last ounce of shred each season. Last weekend we did all the snow farming we could to connect the Gulch and now we are walking to close things out on Thunder. If this isn’t what you had in mind for closing weekend please request a refund through your ticket confirmation and we will be glad to refund you. We have a very strict policy of #nowhiners allowed on closing weekend. Remember to ski and ride under control and enjoy the last days on Thunder this season. Next weekend is the first moonlight hike of 2023 as well as the Shred Edit Open Rail Jam on that big pile snow outside the Notch. Don’t miss it."

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