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Larsa Pippen on 'The Real Housewives of Miami' and learning from her 'mistakes'

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Larsa Pippen is back in Miami! Gibson Johns interviews the original "Real Housewives of Miami" cast member about returning to the show over a decade later for its current fourth season, how she's changed since Season 1 and how much she pays attention to social media as the show airs. They also chat about her friendship with Lisa Hochstein, wanting to learn tennis from Martina Navratilova, why she thinks Adriana de Moura has an axe to grind with her and moving on from everyone's fixation on her own friendship with Kim Kardashian.

Video Transcript

GIBSON JOHNS: Hi, guys. Welcome back to "We Should Talk," a pop-culture interview series from "In The Know." I'm your host, Gibson Johns. And this week on the podcast we have Larsa Pippen from The Real Housewives of Miami, which is back after eight years on Peacock for its fourth season.

I'm really loving Larsa on this season of "Real Housewives of Miami." She was on the first season, and then she wasn't on seasons two and three. She's back for the fourth, and I really love her disposition and what she's showing us so far on the show-- you know, I think regardless of any of the preconceived notions that any of us had about her or whether that was from her association with the Kardashians for so long or other random headlines she's made over the years, so social media activity.

I think she's really showing a different side of her on the show, and I'm really loving it. I love her outlook on life, and she's really unapologetic about who she is and I-- and I really appreciate that. So we talked a lot about, sort of, the experience of being on the show like 11 or-- like 11 years ago, 10 years ago and now and how that's different.

We talked about her OnlyFans account on sort of people's reactions to that and paying that no mind. I think we spent probably the most amount of time talking about her and Adriana and why that dynamic is so tense and has so much friction. I did, obviously, try to ask about the Kardashians, about Kim, and what she's sort of taken for those-- from that friendship over the years. But it was clear that she did not really want to engage in that. She was skirting around the questions.

And I understand why, that's totally her prerogative, no judgment there, but I had to ask. So you can't blame a guy for trying. But she clearly didn't want to go there, and I think she really-- her focus is forward, in the future. And I-- I get that.

I think she's really kind of cultivating this new life for herself of moving back to Miami and spending a lot of time there, getting a new home, finalizing her divorce, kind of growing her personal brand. So I understand that, her not wanting to be kind of fixated on that.

But regardless, it's a fun interview, and we talked about a bunch of this season and what have you, so I think you'll enjoy it. So keep listening for my interview with Larsa Pippen from "The Real Housewives of Miami." Tune in to the fourth season of "The Real Housewives of Miami" on Peacock, new episodes every Thursday. And please rate, review, and subscribe to "We Should Talk" on Apple Podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts.


All right, so we're here with Larsa Pippen from "The Real Housewives of Miami," which is back now on Peacock. Larsa, how are you today?

LARSA PIPPEN: Hi, I am doing great. Nice seeing you.

GIBSON JOHNS: Nice to see you. So again, we're kind of deep-- we're kind of deep into this run already. I mean, it's kind of wild that we're just back with Miami. How are you feeling, because for you it's been over a decade since you back in this world?

LARSA PIPPEN: I feel great. I feel like the cast is amazing. It's diverse. I feel like Miami is lit.

You know, there's so much going on in Miami-- fashion, culture, like, art, just so many cool aspects to Miami. I feel like it's grown so much in the last few years. So it's just super fun to be there and film.

GIBSON JOHNS: Yeah, I think everyone is on the same page about how exciting it is to be back and it makes sense for Miami to have an active "Housewives" franchise. And for you, since it has been so long, I'm curious how your experience has been different from the first go around just in terms of like the nature of "Housewives" fame because a lot has changed in social media, in sort of the Bravo/Peacock world. How are you experiencing it differently this time?

LARSA PIPPEN: You know, I feel like I'm in a different place in my life right now, and I feel like I'm super open. You know, I asked my kids if they wanted to do the show and be a part of it, and they were super excited. So it just made sense for us, you know, and we're super excited to be on the show. So it just made sense for us at this point.

GIBSON JOHNS: Have you noticed-- like, what's the-- in terms of like the social media of it all, because I feel like there's so many, now there's so many Bravo fan accounts and "Housewives" fan accounts and people just tracking everyone's every move and circulating all the content. What's that like experiencing it as a cast member now because it didn't really exist back when, back in season one?

LARSA PIPPEN: You know, I don't really like, I don't keep track of all the fan accounts.


LARSA PIPPEN: You know what I mean? I'm just hoping they're on the ride with me, and, you know, it might be a bumpy ride, but, you know, I feel like it's going to be a good season.

GIBSON JOHNS: Yeah, for sure. So how do you think that you have changed as a person in the last decade since we last checked in with you in this format? Because it feels like you have grown a lot, but I'm just curious in your words how you feel like you've changed.

LARSA PIPPEN: I feel like I'm just more open, you know? I just feel like I'm open to new experiences. I'm open to, like, the universe, you know, and what it brings me. And so that's where 2022 is for me.

I just, you know, I'm just in a different place in my life, and I'm excited about all the changes. You know, change is so good, and-- so that's what I'm excited about.

GIBSON JOHNS: So I've had Adriana and Lisa on already this season, and I talked--

LARSA PIPPEN: Lucky you. Lucky you.

GIBSON JOHNS: Well, I talked to them both about how this season kicked off, which I thought people listening have heard me say this, but I just loved how it kicked off with that lunch with all the returning people. I thought it was really fun to have that moment for all of you to like look back and reminisce, but also share what has happened in your lives since.

It was just a perfect way to start it, I feel like. What was going through your mind during the filming of that? Because it must have been, kind of, surreal.

LARSA PIPPEN: You know what's funny, you know when you have really good friends and then like you haven't seen them for a long time and then you see them, you feel like you haven't missed a beat? It was almost like we started talking, it was like we caught up so fast that I just felt like we really hadn't missed a beat, you know? So it was great. It was great to catch up, you know, see the ladies, see where they are today. We've all like grown and changed, and it's just fun to see, you know, the progression.

GIBSON JOHNS: And Lisa said that you guys have kind of really built this awesome friendship, I guess, kind of like in the years leading up, but also really through this experience. Is she who you're probably closest to in this current cast?

LARSA PIPPEN: Yeah, I feel like I'm really close to Lisa. We have, you know, a lot of mutual friends, we kind of go to the same places. So, you know, we're always meeting at the same places every time we go out. And you know, we both like to have fun, so it just makes it easy.

GIBSON JOHNS: Yeah, for sure. So you made us laugh right off the bat with like, with-- there's a discussion around your OnlyFans account and I think a lot of the women, like, I think it was really interesting to see all their reactions to all that. But I love how you are so just matter of fact and unapologetic about the whole thing because, I think, it's gonna help kind of push against whatever stigma there is around that kind of-- around what OnlyFans is and what people use it for, which I think is awesome.

What do you make about how the different women reacted to that, and is sort of that mindset around this amazing business you have? Sort of, is that like an intentional push-back or is that just how you are in terms of just being unapologetic and matter of fact about it?

LARSA PIPPEN: I mean, I feel like I don't really like do things to make other people like, you know, approve or disapprove of their decisions. I feel like I'm too grown for that. I do things that make me feel good. I'm comfortable in my own skin.

If I'm comfortable, you know, posting photos in the comfort of my home, it's no one's business, you know?

GIBSON JOHNS: Of course.

LARSA PIPPEN: I feel like-- and I feel like a lot of times people judge you that are ignorant. You know, they don't know enough about you know, X, Y, and Z. So I feel like it's really easy to like be judgmental when you don't know enough about what you're talking about.

GIBSON JOHNS: Of course.

LARSA PIPPEN: And I feel like I've tried my best to, you know, teach these women and basically tell everyone like what I do and what I use the platform, you know, for. So, yeah, I feel like I-- basically like, the OnlyFans guru.

GIBSON JOHNS: Yeah, but I love it. I think a lot of people probably are learning from some of these scenes. Like even the one with Adriana and Kiki, it was like, people-- I think you guys are having a lot of fun with it. And I think that that's kind of-- it's clear that you do have fun with it, even though it also rakes in serious cash.

So I think that like, I don't know, I think you're doing good work in that way because I think people just have probably heard one thing about OnlyFans and they run with it, you know what I mean?

LARSA PIPPEN: I just feel like, if you're comfortable taking photos-- I love taking photos. I take photos anyway, so why not be able to have your real fans, people that really want to see your content, have exclusive, you know, exclusive footage. So--


LARSA PIPPEN: For me, it works. Yeah.

GIBSON JOHNS: Definitely, and, you know, what I also loved about that scene is like, I do love the relationship and the dynamic that you and Adriana have in these early episodes because--

LARSA PIPPEN: You're the only one. No, I'm just kidding.

GIBSON JOHNS: No, but I really-- it's kind of fun, light shade. It's-- it's play-- you're kind of playful in this sort of banter with one another. And I'm really enjoying it. It seems, I mean, judging by the trailer, it seems like it gets a little bit more contentious down the road. And obviously you guys had that whole first season together, but what do you think it is about you guys together that kind of creates for this kind of friction or kind of fireworks on screen?

LARSA PIPPEN: I mean, I don't really like-- I don't know. I just feel like it's her with me. I don't-- I don't give it back to her until like I've just had enough of it. You know, I just keep taking and taking from her negativity and all the stuff that she says about me, and I've said nothing bad about her. So I feel like I've just basically been the recipient of, you know, her animosity.

And I've done nothing to do-- you know what I mean, I don't deserve it. So-- and I feel like as the season goes on, you'll learn more and you'll see more-- you know, I just feel like she's had a history of you know, bashing women that have it going on. And maybe that's the key. If you have it going on, she has an issue with you.

I don't know. I just know I'm staying in my lane. I'm doing what makes me happy. I am working on myself, and that's, you know, that's kind of where I am today.

GIBSON JOHNS: You've definitely gotten going on, Larsa. So is there going to be a moment that we're going to see where it does become too much for you to deal with the constant sort of comments from her and stuff like that?

LARSA PIPPEN: Yeah, you know, I feel like there's only so much a person can take. You know, I literally like-- and I'm really big on boundaries. You know, if I say something-- you know, if I say something as far as it doesn't make me feel good when you talk about X, Y, and Z and you constantly keep bringing up these issues, you know, that's like a problem for me.

You know, and it's not like I don't voice, you know, I don't voice my, you know, my disappointment in the things you say. I keep saying it over and over again. But like I said, I'm big on boundaries, and I try to set those, you know, in the very beginning of any of my relationships. You're basically like, hey, this is off limits. This is off limits. But if you constantly want to annoy me and you constantly are bringing up these subjects that I don't really want to partake in these conversations, then yeah, we're probably going to have a problem.

GIBSON JOHNS: Yeah, for sure. And do you think-- I feel like from what I'm sensing, it seems like an element of it is like Adriana was there for those first three seasons, but you were just there for the first season. It seems like there's almost like a territorial aspect to it, because you're coming back into the fray. Do pick up on that at all or do you not think that's part of it?

LARSA PIPPEN: No, because I feel like in the past, she's had issues with all the women. Every season, she's had issues with all the girls. So I don't know. I feel like sometimes when you're not happy with yourself, you tend to pick on other people. So I don't know. Maybe this season when she watches the show-- she's older this year. Hopefully, she can reflect and learn from it I guess.

GIBSON JOHNS: And in the trailer, the comment that made the rounds was about your body looking like Kim Kardashian, who's obviously a good friend of yours. And I understand the irony in me asking this, but obviously, your association with Kim gets brought up a lot. And I'm just curious where you are mentally with that in terms of-- you're creating this whole life for yourself where you're back in Miami a lot, and you're back on "Housewives," and you're building your personal brand with OnlyFans and beyond.

So I'm curious where you are mentally with it being a thing that everyone fixated on and brings up with you all the time. Just where are you mentally with that?

LARSA PIPPEN: I just feel like people want to-- I had a life before. I had a life before. I have a life after. So I just feel I'm-- like I said, I'm working on my self, my brand. I don't want to be stuck in a place that I was a year ago. I don't want to be stuck in a place where I was yesterday. I feel like we're supposed to evolve, and grow, and learn from our mistakes. I've definitely learned from my mistakes. And so that's 2022, it's going to be my year.

GIBSON JOHNS: Yeah, for sure. And last thing about this is like again, you are leaning into this building of your personal brand. You're doing such a good job about it. And obviously, you were in close proximity with the masters of that, of building personal brands. And they almost like invented that. I'm just curious what you learned from being so close to that and watching other people build their personal brands and things like that. What did you take from those years? Because you must have picked up some really awesome tips or just approaches to that.

LARSA PIPPEN: I just feel like I'm in my lane. I'm dealt the cards that are in front of me. I feel I'm in a great place. My kids are older now. So I just want to focus on my brand, my family, the show that I'm super excited about, and that's what I'm excited about today.

GIBSON JOHNS: Yeah, cool. Well, I think that one thing that I've seen a lot on-- I know that you don't really pay attention to the comments on social media. But I see a lot of people say that they weren't really sure what to expect from your return to the show, any preconceived notions that they've had about you from wherever they got them have been dispelled. And I think people are really enjoying-- from what I've observed, people are really enjoying watching you. And I'm part of that camp as well.

And I'm curious so do you really not pay attention at all to what people say to you about your time on the show or you must pick up on some essence of that?

LARSA PIPPEN: You know what, I really don't. Because I feel it's like you can do one thing on reality TV and everyone hates you. And you can do five good things, and they don't appreciate you. So I feel like as long as I'm doing my part and I'm happy with what I see and what I portray and my family's happy, then we're winning.

GIBSON JOHNS: For sure. And then there's some other new additions to the cast this year. We have Kiki. We have Nicole. We have Guerdy. Who of those new people did you feel like you hit it off with the most this season?

LARSA PIPPEN: I feel like all the women. I feel like it's great that it's so diverse this year. They're all different. I feel like we all have our own lanes. So I feel like they're all amazing. They're all amazing women. And they're all entrepreneurs. They're all moms. So it's great to see all their hard work and juggling family and career. I have so much respect for all of them.

GIBSON JOHNS: And I forgot to mention Julia. But I feel like I'm still-- whenever I see Martina Navratilova walking around on screen, I'm like--

LARSA PIPPEN: Oh my gosh.

GIBSON JOHNS: --it's wild.


GIBSON JOHNS: What was your reaction to meeting her in this context? It almost seems like it doesn't fit, but it does.

LARSA PIPPEN: Well, you know what's funny? She makes you feel so comfortable. When we were at Julia's birthday, I said, hey, I've been playing tennis. Maybe you and I could play tennis sometime. She had me feeling so comfortable. I was like, holy [BLEEP]. I forgot she's like a world champion. But she makes you feel so comfortable, and she's so nice that you're just like, oh, she could really teach me how to play really well.



LARSA PIPPEN: She's super friendly.

GIBSON JOHNS: --I would kill for a scene of Martina teaching you some tennis pointers. And some--

LARSA PIPPEN: I've got a pretty good swing.

GIBSON JOHNS: Hey, I think if we get a Season 5 and you come back, I would love to see that. [LAUGHS]

LARSA PIPPEN: I'll have to work on that. I might have to give a little foot massage to her or something.


LARSA PIPPEN: I'm just saying. Maybe it's her time.

GIBSON JOHNS: Yeah, you know what? So what else can we expect from you personally on this season? Obviously, we're relatively at the beginning, but I feel like we're really deep into it. So what else can you tell me about what sort of to come in this last 2/3 of the season?

LARSA PIPPEN: Just my personal growth. Me working on Larsa Marie, my jewelry line. Me spending time with my kids and making time for my friends. Because I feel like it's hard to do it all. There's an art to being able to do it all, to hang out with your friends, to look gorgeous, to be a mom, to be an entrepreneur. So I feel like there definitely is like a nice recipe for that. And I'm finally figuring it out.

GIBSON JOHNS: I love it. Speaking of, I loved that scene of you and your daughter going shopping together. One, a very enviable shopping experience, where they closed down the store for you and just put stuff on the rack where it's just directly for you. But that was such a fun scene, because I feel again, it shows another side to you that I really love to see.

LARSA PIPPEN: By the way, the outfits that she bought, she never wore. So I feel like I am going to go in her closet and take all off of it.


LARSA PIPPEN: I'm sorry. She never wore them.

GIBSON JOHNS: Next time you're on [INAUDIBLE] live or something.

LARSA PIPPEN: Watching it, I was like, oh, my god, I forgot we bought all those really cute clothes. Sophia, you never wore them.

GIBSON JOHNS: Is that what that store does, it just picks out clothes directly for whoever is coming in that day?

LARSA PIPPEN: Well, think about it. Who's got time to go to like 10 different stores?


LARSA PIPPEN: If I say, hey, I need to shop for Sophia, the personal shopper, she literally goes to all the stores that I would normally go to and basically, have a whole showroom set up for us. So I just walk in. I'm like, oh, and they're all the right sizes. I don't have to order it.


LARSA PIPPEN: It's already there.

GIBSON JOHNS: The dream. So obviously, there's still a lot to come in terms of the show airing and the reaction to it. And I know the reunions coming up. Andy just tweeted out that you guys are filming that soon. What's something that you would want to bring up at the reunion that's unanswered for you right now?

LARSA PIPPEN: I feel like just we all need to be held accountable for the things that we say. And I feel like a lot of people come for me. I don't know why. I don't even know why. But I feel like just being able to hold yourself accountable for the things that you've said, learn from your mistakes, grow from your mistakes, and keep it moving. That's what we're supposed to be doing.

GIBSON JOHNS: Is there somebody else besides Adriana that we feel has been coming for you?

LARSA PIPPEN: One of her friends.


LARSA PIPPEN: No. Marisol would never.

GIBSON JOHNS: OK. No. OK. Interesting. All right. And then lastly, again, there's still more to come. But you did the filming of it and you know what this group is. And you're back after 10 or 11 years. Would you come back for a fifth season? Because I think fans are really plugged into Miami right now. And I think we all want more. So is that something you would be open to to coming back for another season?

LARSA PIPPEN: I think so. I had a really great experience. It was super fun. My kids had a great experience. So I think so.

GIBSON JOHNS: Good. Good. Well, I would love to see you back. I think there's so much more to unpack and see in your life especially as you're creating this new life for yourself in Miami with the new house and all that. So I think it's something that we'd love to see more of.

Well, Larsa Pippen, thank you so much for taking the time to talk today. It was really great to talk to you. And I can't wait for everyone to see the rest of the season of "Real Housewives of Miami." Because it's really intriguing.

LARSA PIPPEN: Me too. Me too. I have no idea what's going to happen. So it should be fun.

GIBSON JOHNS: If the trailer is any indication, Larsa, it's a treat.

LARSA PIPPEN: It's a lot. There's a lot going on for sure.

GIBSON JOHNS: For sure. All right. Thanks so much, Larsa. We'll talk to you.

LARSA PIPPEN: Thank you.




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