Lanyards add Function & Style for People

What are Lanyards?

A lanyard is a fantastic type of personal branding. Whether you use your lanyard as a form of identification or exclusively as a marketing choice, you are going to extract a major return on your investment.

You’ve got the event details sorted, your branding is on fire and you’ve got sponsors queuing up to have their logo printed on everything! Especially the lanyards… “the lanyards are the deal breaker!”

What are lanyards used for?

  • Schools – Students (for field trips, etc.)

Students in schools have myriad uses for lanyards. Most students wear them on field trips and conferences. During field trips it is fairly important to be aware of who are the people around you and what is happening within your group in order to avoid confusion. Wearing neck lanyard ID cards is not necessarily a must but they do facilitate the process of better organizing trips, and thereby giving more time for fun activities. In addition to field trips, students may need lanyards when attending pep rallies, seminars or other functions. Many students participate in science fairs, cheerleading, marching band or other extracurricular activities and need a lanyard and ID badge to help the events stay organized. Many schools opt for breakaway lanyards, especially for cheerleading and pom-pom squads. This prevents the lanyard from causing choking if a fight breaks out between girls, which seems to be quite common, at least on a lot of YouTube videos we watch… a lot.

  • Coaches

Coaches use neck lanyard ID cards mainly when they are in a gym or on the field. In these circumstances, confusion can be easily made since everyone is wearing almost the same outfit. The students as well as the people on the sides will easily recognize a coach that is wearing a lanyard ID card. In addition, you’ll see many coaches keep their notes and play cards in a hanging neck-wallet type of carrier. This keeps their hands free so they can make obscene gestures at the referees or players, or simply wave their arms angrily as if trying to fly away. It’s also good for coaches to have breakaway lanyards as this prevents hanging one’s self.

  • Corporate Employees

Most corporate companies have strict hierarchies of positions. In such a structured place, corporate employees find it necessary to wear a lanyard with an ID card, especially when entering a secure area and not only that, recognizing someone by their lanyard ID card provides a better and a much efficient workplace. Most larger corporations have full time security guards at the doors and employees may not enter unless wearing proper ID. This lessens the likelihood of corporate spying, and also helps lower their liability from events that might cause harm to one or more employees, such as an ex-husband coming in and blasting people, he thought might have been cheating with his wife… that sort of thing. And thus, a lanyard or badge reel is simply mandatory. Lanyard pouches are also designed to hold keys, business cards as well as the paperwork behind the ID badge.

  • Trade Show Attendees

In the trade show environment neck lanyard ID cards are the only identification method of the person that you are speaking too. This comes in handy for attendees that only want to speak to specific people inside each company. Usually, every single trade show attendee must wear an ID badge in order to enter the arena, and there are security personnel in place who diligently make sure that not a single unidentified person breaches the secure perimeter of the exhibitor floor. Why they do this is one of the World’s great unexplained mysteries, since any lunatic can easily get a badge simply by walking up to the counter and requesting one. In most cases, it’s not like they check driver’s licenses to verify attendees are who they say they are. And in fact, at most trade shows this author has attended, the individuals walking around inside the building are a lot scarier than the people hanging out in the streets outside. But I digress. At any rate, when it comes to other activities like conferences or trade shows, wearing a badge or an ID in a visible spot becomes upmost important because everyone is looking at your chest to see who you are. So, the purpose of lanyards in this sector is to facilitate human interaction rather than security.

  • Convention Promoters and Exhibitors

In various social and business events the ability to quickly identify people around you and the company that they work for, as well as the group that they belong too, becomes very important. At these conventions this can only be done by wearing a neck lanyard ID card. On business conventions the attendees often wear lanyards with personalized logos of their company or the institution that they are representing. Of course, some people would be better off if people did not know who they were, due to their previous activities. But I digress.

But lanyards come in all shapes and sizes. One of the significant decisions you will have to make is whether you want to invest in a printed lanyard or an embroidered lanyard. The differences are substantial, so read on to find out more about both types.

  • Printed Lanyards

A printed lanyard involves taking some kind of graphic submitted by you and printing it onto the lanyard itself. It works through using a sublimation process. Essentially, the design is fused into the material.

  • Screen printing

Screen printing has been around for centuries, and is still regarded as the best way to achieve a high-quality print finish. In contrast to digital printing, ink is ‘forced’ through a screen of fine mesh when screen printing onto the lanyard.

So, if your logo is single colour, or you want to use your brand’s exact Pantone colour (on both the material itself and the printing), this is the way to go.

  • Embroidered Lanyards

Embroidered lanyards work slightly differently. Using a base of twill, the design is sewn into the fabric with thread. You will find this gives the embroidered lanyard a slight ‘raised’ effect. The texture will feel different when you run your finger across it.

Extremely small text and minute details are harder to insert with embroidered lanyards, so elaborate designs may not be ideal for this option.

  • Dye Sublimation

Dye sublimation printing uses 4-colour process digital printing, breaking down each colour into a CMYK (Cyan, Magento, Yellow and Black) split, much in the same way as your inkjet printer does.

You could use a photograph for example, or an illustration using all the colours of the rainbow.

Personalised lanyards are an excellent brand enhancement tool, perfect as a promotional giveaway item or great for holding ID badges, dây đeo thẻ.

Our custom lanyards can be branded with your colours, logo, text or other graphics and are available with a choice of clips and attachments. Personalise your custom lanyard online using our lanyard designer.

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