Lane Bryant’s Twitter Chat Kind of Backfired

Lauren Tuck
·News Editor

In 2015, Lane Bryant sought to revolutionize the plus size fashion industry. The company’s advertising campaigns were some of the most inclusive in the biz, showcasing diverse women. The #ImNoAngel campaign took a direct hit at Victoria’s Secret and gained national attention for their provocative nature and its #PlusIsEqual hashtag effort a few months later, with a mysterious full-page spread in Vogue, did the same.

But while Lane Bryant seems to be leading the charge when it comes to changing clothing options for curvier women, that doesn’t mean the retailer is doing everything right. On Tuesday, Lane Bryant hosted a Twitter char with its Chief Marketing Officer, Brian Beitler, and customers didn’t hold back on airing their grievances.

The accusations heavily outweigh the compliments, but it’s rare that a brand would open the floor up to a conversation at all. As one person wrote, “Thanks a bunch for giving your customers the opportunity to be so open. I do hope that you read these and consider everything.” @LaneBryant responded by saying that they’re “so grateful for the candidness and openness today. We had such a short amount of time but want to keep the convo going.”

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