The Landrys Deal With the Aftermath of Jacob's Disappearance on the Next Episode of 'The Way Home'

Alice and Kat must process their feelings after their failed attempts to stop Jacob's disappearance in the past

Ponderers, we're already past the halfway mark and are only a few episodes away from the season finale of The Way Home! Last week's gut-wrenching episode chronicled the moments at the fair before Kat's (Chyler Leigh/Alex Hook) younger brother, Jacob (Remy Smith), went missing as well as Kat and Alice's (Sadie Laflamme-Snow) separate efforts to change the course of the events of that fateful night.

This week's episode of The Way Home finds the Landrys in the aftermath of the disappearance in the past and present day. Alice processes the fact her mother, Kat, has also been time-traveling to the past. Dejected that she was not able to change the outcome of Jacob's disappearance, Alice is saddened and depressed. Del (Andie MacDowell), who is unaware of the real reason why Alice is depressed, offers her a way to get out of her funk.

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Kat makes a discovery that leads Del to share a shocking revelation about Colton (Jefferson Brown). Determined to learn the truth, Kat enlists Elliot (Evan Williams) to help her investigate. Later, when Del shows her pottery at The Point, the evening brings an unexpected reminder of her past. Team Elliot fans will enjoy the banter between Kat and Elliot in this episode.

Pondering if there will be a second season of The Way Home or not? Ponder no more! Hallmark Channel has ordered a second season of The Way Home!

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In the exclusive sneak peek below, Kat finds a note in her father's things and asks Del about it. New episodes of The Way Home premiere on Sundays at 9 p.m. ET on Hallmark Channel.

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