Lance Bass Just Shared the Surprising Snack He Has to Eat Before Performing

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He said it himself—it ain’t no lie!



From 3-ingredient wraps to creamy pasta bakes, Boursin cheese easily finds a place in our kitchens. As the holiday season approaches, you may be curious as to how to incorporate Boursin with your other meats and cheeses on your charcuterie spread—or maybe you’re just generally stressing about hosting holiday parties this year.

We’ve been there, but don’t worry: Lance Bass has got you covered.

The NSYNC member recently partnered with the brand as he was named this year’s Boursin Host of Residence. In this role, Bass is helping new hosts enjoy the holiday season with advice, delicious cheese and by giving them a chance to win the Maison Boursin Connection collection—which features an array of cheeses, recipes, a waist-length silk jacket and dinnerware for your holiday table.

EatingWell was given the opportunity to talk to Bass to learn his No. 1 tip for holiday hosting, his charcuterie must-haves, his favorite snack to eat before performing and more. Read all about it in this exclusive interview.

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EatingWell: What’s your favorite snack that you love eating in-between work?

Bass: When I'm performing, it's interesting because I don't know why, I always crave the same thing every time about 30 minutes before I hit the stage. There's always something that I always crave and they always have it in my dressing room just in case. And it's just a peanut butter and banana sandwich. But you have to mix the peanut butter and banana together into one consistency, drizzle a little honey on it and toast it. And that is my go-to, always have to have right before I hit the stage.

EatingWell: What made you want to partner with Boursin for the holiday season?

Bass: Well, Boursin has been a staple in my house for a very, very long time, and I think they finally got the hint to work with me because I've tagged them many, many, many times over the years in some of the dishes I've made. So it just made sense that they made me the Boursin Host of Residence this year because I do love to host gatherings, and I just want to help people simplify entertaining and make any festive gathering elevated and effortless with this Maison Boursin Connection collection.

EatingWell: Do you have any ingredient must-haves for your holiday charcuterie spread?

Bass: Oh, yes. I mean, Boursin is definitely the staple of any of my charcuterie boards. They're just easy, especially the Boursin Bites. Skewers are always great. People love a little skewer. I think it's very important to really have an array on your charcuterie board of salty and sweet. Having that fine line of the little salty cheese with a little fruit here, but also looking for that texture too. I love a good crunch and texture on your board. So as a Southerner, a good Southerner, I'm always gonna have some nice pecans on there because I think it's such a great little palate cleanser in between different bites.

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EatingWell: Any other dinner dishes that you’re looking forward to eating this upcoming season?

Bass: There's a lot of traditional food that I make for the holidays that reminds me of my family because my Mimi was the best cook I ever knew. Every single gathering she was in the kitchen making the best food ever. And she has this dish—I call it Mimi's dressing. A lot of people don't understand what dressing is, it's stuffing-related but not. It's a more soupy dish made of white cornbread and chicken. It is one of my favorite dishes ever. And at any holiday meal, I have to have Mimi's dressing on there and put a little cranberry sauce on it, and it is to die for.

EatingWell: For new hosts, what’s your No. 1 tip you recommend that they keep in mind?

Bass: So that is what I'm here for as your Host of Residence! I love newbie hosts out there. The prep is the most important thing for me if you want a more stress-free party and [to] be out of the kitchen to actually talk to your guests. Prep as much as possible, even the night before for things that you can prep and put in the refrigerator.

EatingWell: What does “eating well” mean to you?

Bass: The older I get, the more I understand that we do need to take care of ourselves. And also, I've developed diabetes in my later life. So I’m really trying to find the things that work for me that my body can handle. What I've also learned is to drink lots and lots of water, that's one thing I just never understood how healthy that is for you. My nutritionist was finally like, no, you have to. Now that I've bumped up my water, I just feel better and it's so much healthier.

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