Lance Bass Almost Twinned With JC Chasez During NSYNC Reunion

Lance Bass and JC Chasez are even more NSYNC than you thought—so much so that they almost showed up to the MTV Video Music Awards wearing the exact same thing.

In a video set to David Guetta and Bebe Rexha's "I'm Good (Blue)," Bass tried on a powder blue suit on the sales floor of a store, practically preening in the stylish 'fit as he danced around the racks.

"No one's gonna have this suit, it's so unique!" he wrote over the clip, before it changed to show Chasez feeling himself in a similar manner in the comfort of his own home.

Who knows what went on behind the scenes to decide which singer would get to don the fashionable choice, but, ultimately, Chasez won out, leaving Bass to go with a similar style in a dark teal.

"Guess who won and got to wear the blue suit 🙄," he lamented in the caption, adding in a later comment, "Clearly a little too in synch. (sorry Dad joke, couldn’t help myself)."

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Chasez jumped into the mix, too, thanking stylist Mark Holmes for hooking him up with the look.

"Forever my 'who wore it best' 😉," one fan wrote, though failed to give their opinion as to who took home the title.

"The NSYNC content this week has been **chef's kiss**," another said, fawning over the reunion and all that's come with it so far, like behind-the-scenes content and a brand new track.

Now, fans are just eagerly awaiting the announcement of a reunion tour, so boys, please don't let us down!

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