Lana Del Rey Just Wore a Mesh Face Mask to Meet Fans—And People Are Not Having It

Elizabeth Logan
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Lana Del Rey just wore the most dangerous garment we've ever seen on a pop star, and that's saying something. At a fan meet-and-greet to promote her new collection of poetry, the singer wore a sparkly mesh face mask, the equivalent of putting fishnet stockings on her legs during a snowstorm. For those who aren't aware, paper and cloth face coverings (not mesh ones!) have been shown to greatly reduce the rate of transmission of the coronavirus, and are incredibly easy to use. Just put one on your face when you're around other people. That's it!

The Independent reports that Del Rey showed up for a “surprise” event with fans at The Grove, an outdoor shopping mall in Los Angeles, on October 1. California has been hard-hit by the pandemic and L.A. County is asking all residents to wear proper face coverings in public. But pictures from the event posted by @PopCrave show the star posing face-to-face in her mesh mask.

Here's a video of the event from her own Instagram:

As of October 3, “Lana” started trending on Twitter as users criticized this, um, interesting sartorial choice.

Many Twitter users couldn't help but bring the singer's album Born to Die into the conversation.

According to the Independent, Del Rey's sister claims that the singer had tested negative for the virus and was maintaining social distancing. Okay…just remember that every attendee at the infamous Rose Garden event—where President Donald Trump, Melania Trump, and many senior White House officials are thought to have been exposed to the virus—reportedly tested negative beforehand.

Even if Del Rey is sure she's COVID-negative, wouldn't she want to stay safe from potentially contagious fans? Make it make sense!

Meanwhile, on Instagram, her own fans are begging her to be smarter and safer. Del Rey posted a series of pictures and videos of herself in the “mask” promoting her book, Violet Bent Backwards Over the Grass, and the comments came flooding in. "Lana I love u, but ur just asking to be dragged at this point," wrote one exasperated fan. Commented another, “You make it so hard to stan you when you do shit like this 😭I'm still recovering from ‘question for the culture’ 😔😔.” Even @lanadelreystanhere wrote, “Lana I love you but the mask✋🏼😭.”

As you can tell from the comments, this is not the first time that Del Rey has come under fire for problematic behavior in 2020. But we won't get into all that right now. We just have one thing to say: WEAR A MASK—A REAL ONE. 

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