Lala Milan Celebrates Her Body And Her Born Day In A Birthday Suit Post On Instagram

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"Brat Loves Judy" WE tv Watch Party
"Brat Loves Judy" WE tv Watch Party

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Lala Milan recently celebrated her birthday with a bit of body confidence! The comedian and actress took to Instagram on Oct. 24 where she ushered in her big day with a birthday suit selfie showing off her incredibly toned body.

“Idc who else was born today, this MY shit,” the star wrote.

Fans of the Boomerang comic poured into her comments section to show love for her birthday including fashion and beauty editor Bevy Smith who wrote:

“Scorpio Season doing too much is the rule of thumb!!! I can say this because I too am a Scorpio so this is my life! Happy birthday LaLa.”

Milan skyrocketed to fame in 2015, after posting a series of hilariously funny comedy videos and parodies to her social media accounts. Maybe you remember her hysterical rendition of “Trap Queen” or her uproarious comedic bits on Vine (when it was still around) The star has amassed over 3.4 million followers on Instagram and her YouTube channel has registered over 14 million views alone.

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While the 32-year-old has made millions chuckle with laughter over the years, Milan’s journey in the entertainment industry hasn’t always been fun and games. Back in April, the Savage X Fenty Ambassador revealed that she often struggled with self-confidence coming up in the game because of her slim physique. Milan launched her Fit Girl Bod Instagram page earlier this year to help document her weight gain journey and to give other women struggling with their body image a boost of motivation.

“When women are slim, [people] assume that it doesn’t hurt their feelings to say certain things to them, such as, ‘What are you working out for?’ or ‘You need to eat.’ It’s equivalent to telling somebody, ‘You need to stop eating, you need to start working out,’” she says. “They don’t realize that it has the same effect on a slim person as it would a thick person,” the Salon Podcast host previously told Essence.

“I pretty much decided that I wanted to show that gaining weight was possible, that’s one,” she continued. “Something that I always got, not so much today, but on a regular basis, was ‘You’re so skinny, you need to eat.’ The typical stuff that slim people hear. And I told myself, ‘You know what? People are always talking about how they want to lose weight, let me be open and transparent with my platform about what it’s like to gain weight.’”

Milan’s passion project quickly blossomed into a booming community of over 100 thousand women who could relate to the star’s weight gain struggles. In addition to giving fans a personal look at her fitness journey, Milan has also used the platform to share everything from exercise tutorials and routines to even debuting her own line of healthy weight loss supplements and workout gear.

The Claws star hopes to normalize the conversation around body positivity, especially among slim women, who may feel less beautiful in today’s culture, where big butts and voluptuous boobs have often clouded society’s beauty standards.

“Beauty is defined in so many ways. It’s important to touch on that for me — there are so many women who are my size, and I didn’t realize how much my size contributed to women not feeling beautiful…” Milan explained to Hypebae in July. “So many women lack confidence because they’re small and they feel like they need to be bigger, they need to have huge breasts or big butts. Beauty comes from within and makeup is just a small additive to enhance what you already have. Them seeing me show that in an authentic way reminds them, ‘I can be confident. I can be beautiful,'” she added.

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