Lakers vs Heat Game 6 Best Bets

Yahoo Sports' Zach Schwartz shares his bets for the Lakers vs. Heat game. Look for the Lakers to raise the defensive intensity and claim the title tonight.

Video Transcript


ZACH SCHWARTZ: I'm Zach Schwartz with Yahoo Sports, giving you my betting insights ahead of game 6 in the NBA Finals between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Miami Heat. Before we do that, BetMGM has a super interesting promo going on right now.

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Really thought the Lakers were gonna close it out. As a Los Angeles fan, I was really hoping that they would close it out. But here we are for game 6.

Jimmy Butler, incredibly difficult to handle, but what we have seen from Jimmy is that any game in which he goes over his scoring average, we see him regress the next game. So for this one, 26 and 1/2 from Jimmy Butler seems just a touch high.

To take his scoring total under, I do think you're gonna see the Lakers close it out. If they do not close it out, immediately start hammering the Heat to take game 7. Just crumbling this number of games in a row is not good for the Lakers. So go ahead and take the Lakers. And if things don't go well here, go ahead and take the Heat for game 7.

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