Lakers vs Heat Game 4 Best Bets

Yahoo Sports' Zach Schwartz shares his bets for the Lakers vs. Heat game.

Video Transcript


ZACH SCHWARTZ: I'm Zach Schwartz, with Yahoo Sports, here to give you my betting insights ahead of game 4 of the NBA Finals between the Miami Heat and the Los Angeles Lakers.

Now, before we do that, BetMGM has a super interesting promo going on right now. If you bet one dollar on either side to hit a 3, you can win $100. So go ahead and take advantage of that. That's over at BetMGM.

The Heat looked dominant, flat-out dominant in the last game. The Lakers' turnover problems and fouls really bit them and cost them the game.

Some things to look for in this next matchup. Now, the Heat almost covered in game 2 and obviously covered in game 3, so in game 4, go ahead and take the Heat again. They are 7-and-1/2-point point underdogs. 7 and 1/2 points-- still a lot, especially the way that the Lakers have been playing. Their shooting in game 1 was a bit of a outlier as to how they actually performed beyond the 3-point line, so we knew there would be some regression.

Some other bets that are worth looking at and examining is Jimmy Butler's point total under. Now, Jimmy had that incredible 40-point triple-double in game 3, but what we've seen from Jimmy, with this Miami Heat team and throughout his career, is a tendency to really go off one game and regress back towards his mean and his average in the next game. So this one is at 24 and 1/2, which is a bit difficult. I'm gonna guess you're gonna see Jimmy right around that number-- 23, 22-- but go ahead and take the under.

Another bet that's worth looking at is a parlay that our friends at BetMGM are offering, and it's LeBron, 10-plus assists, and Jimmy Butler, two-plus steals. So both of those things need to happen, and you're getting plus-225 odds on that one.

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