Should Lakers be concerned about AD entering NBA Finals Game 6? | Dunk Bait

Will Anthony Davis be ready for Game 6? What was Markieff Morris doing? Join Lajethro Jenkins, Josiah Johnson, Zach Schwartz, with special guest Haley O'Shaughnessy. Checkout #DunkBait LIVE after every NBA Finals game on twitter @DunkBait

Video Transcript

JOSIAH JOHNSON: MPFranco says, "y'all think AD is OK? Mans was looking 'hobbled' at times in the 4th." I think AD is at times like wet toilet paper, where you're just-- every time you see the dude go down. First, I thought the heel. And obviously we all saw that and thought the worst because it looked like a noncontact injury.


JOSIAH JOHNSON: Then you get some-- so Miyagi dough on the sideline and then he's back out here. Dion Waiter's really CBD oils, I hope-- something.

ZACH SCHWARTZ: Gummies. He's got the gummies.

JOSIAH JOHNSON: Rub that edible in there. But every day it's like a shoulder, an eye, a back. Like, he leads the league in eye pokes like every night. So I just don't-- I mean, the guy's got to step up. Everybody thought AD was the Finals MVP early on.


JOSIAH JOHNSON: Where you at, Mr Davis?

LAJETRHO JENKINS: We looking like-- it looks like LeBron, I mean, is leading by far. But every-- every game it's like my heart stops at some point because AD's on the ground like grabbing something.

ZACH SCHWARTZ: It's wild to me when he does hit the ground, and then they cut to LeBron. And LeBron's just like, he'll get up.

LAJETRHO JENKINS: Why you-- you know what I'm saying? Calm down, you know. You barfed all over himself. You feel me? Like, people miss shots, but that turnover was ugly.

HALEY O'SHAUGHNESSY: You're right because Danny Green was there. There's nothing he could do about it, and everyone should have known that he was the worst possible option. Really.

LAJETRHO JENKINS: I was thinking when he caught it, Danny's not built for this.

ZACH SCHWARTZ: You thought that?

LAJETRHO JENKINS: Yeah. Oh, when he caught it, I'm like-- I'm like-- when he caught it, I'm like-- I mean, Bron had to pass it. They collapsed on him. There was three on him. But when Danny caught it, I'm like, he's not built for this. You know what I'm saying? Like, you know, what has shown us that he's built for this moment?

ZACH SCHWARTZ: Did you see-- did you see Danny like, space away and be open there? Because I-- I just saw LeBron throw it. And I was like, who's that going to go to? I thought it was going to be Kuz. My first thought was it's got to be KCP. And we're getting this sweet, sweet KCP night.

NBA Twitter, after all the bullying of KCP, it's the ultimate redemption story. And instead, oh, you would. You sent some KCP tweets, huh?

HALEY O'SHAUGHNESSY: No, yours in the making after [INAUDIBLE] KCP.