Lady Gaga's new music video for '911' is a trippy near-death experience (Callie Ahlgrim)
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lady gaga 911
Lady Gaga in the music video for "911," which was filmed in August.
  • Lady Gaga released a music video on Friday for "911," the eighth track on her newest album "Chromatica."

  • The video finds Gaga splayed out in the desert, where she finds a small community of people with elaborate outfits and ceremonies.

  • At the end of the video, it's revealed that Gaga has been hallucinating after getting into a car accident.

  • Gaga wrote the song "911" about her antipsychotic medication, and recently told Billboard that she felt more alive making the video than at any other point making "Chromatica."

  • "This short film is very personal to me, my experience with mental health and the way reality and dreams can interconnect to form heroes within us and all around us," she wrote on Instagram.

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