Lady Gaga's Former Classmate Complains She Was 'Extra,' Always Sang 'Wicked'

Lady Gaga Wicked
Lady Gaga Wicked
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We can’t blame Lady Gaga for being a theater kid in college!

While we don’t have any problem with theater kids here at, apparently some of Lady Gaga’s former NYU classmates at the Tisch School of the Arts did.

We all know about the famous “Stefani Germanotta, you will never be famous” Facebook group started by one of her Tisch classmates, and now, a Bachelor alum, Carly Waddell, is opening up about her experiences with Gaga in college.

Waddell let her feelings on college-age Gaga be known on the Trading Secrets podcast with Jason Tartick.

“[We] would eat in a dance studio,” Waddell revealed. “And there was a piano, and [Gaga] would sit at the piano every single day and just play and sing Wicked at the top of her lungs every day. And we were all just trying to eat lunch. It was break time, and we were all forced to listen to her. And yes, was she good? Of course! She was great, but I just wanted to eat my sandwich. And so I used to just eat in the hallway because she was driving me crazy.”

She also said that while Gaga was eccentric, she never considered her to have a voice that stood above and beyond her peers.

“She was one of the good ones, but I wouldn't ever be like, ‘She was so above,’” the Bachelor contestant said. “But now she’s so above.”

“She’s so extra,” she added about college-age Gaga. “She would wear these really tight leotards, and she had really big boobs back then, and her boobs were just like coming out. She’s so ridiculous.”

“She started doing her own music way before she was doing musical theater stuff, and when she played at the NYU talent show, she was singing her own stuff, and I was like, 'You can't argue, that girl is really good,'" Waddell recalled. "She was good at everything, but she was better at her own stuff. She was down at the piano, wailing her own tunes.”

Both Waddell and Gaga left the program around the same time. You can watch the whole podcast episode below.

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