Lady Gaga Continually Brings Monochromatic Fabulousness to the Streets of New York

·Senior Editor

Lady Gaga is known for, among other things, her attention-commanding outfits. After years of meat dresses, cyborg sunglasses, and face jewelry (before Givenchy did it, thank you very much), we still love Gaga’s envelope-pushing style, but we can’t say we’re shocked when she turns up in another outrageous getup, exactly. It’s more like: “Okay, you’re wearing a red onesie with an actual Christmas tree on your head: noted.”

So naturally, the provocateur has moved on to the most shocking thing she can possibly do now: Dressing like a normal person (more or less). Skinny jeans and tees, turtlenecks and capri pants, pant suits — the new Gaga is less about shock and awe, and more about doing her (and she still looks amazing, of course). Click ahead to see the whole new Gaga.

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