Lady Gaga Has Range. Shade Range, That Is.

haus labs by lady gaga triclone skin tech concealer launch
Haus Labs Just Dropped Your New Favorite ConcealerImage courtesy of Haus Labs by Lady Gaga

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Even if you haven’t had a chance to swipe on Haus Labs’ buzzy Triclone Skin Tech Foundation, you’ve probably heard makeup lovers singing its praises all over social media—and for good reason. As a beauty editor, I’ve tested a number of skin tints and foundations over the years, but after finally trying Haus Labs’ for myself, I can honestly say the hype is real.

Not only does it feel featherweight, but its tonal formulation also happens to be one of the best matches I’ve ever found for my café au lait complexion. And its shade nuances aren’t lost on other people of color who toe the line between medium deep and deep, either, even earning a Best in Black Beauty award from Essence.

“I think that we’ve seen success in that area because we prioritize inclusivity first,” Haus Labs founder Lady Gaga tells me over Zoom. “It has to not just be inclusive, but be inclusive and very well done. We make sure that we formulate in a way that works for everyone, and test on all skin tones. We make sure the undertones are right, and we get really precise about that.”

Haus Labs’ juggernaut success in providing robust options for deeper skin tones is somewhat unexpected—not just for a celebrity brand, but for any cosmetics company, full stop. Prior to Fenty Beauty’s 2017 launch with 50 foundation shades, only a handful of beauty brands were catering to those of us with melanated skin tones. And of those, only a select few have truly reflected the subtle distinctions of deeper skin, some of which are only available to shop online even among larger brands. “There shouldn’t be shade [offerings] that are not available in store,” beauty influencer Nyma Tang says in a video reviewing brands’ darkest foundation options. “That’s one of my biggest pet peeves.”

Today, Gaga and Haus Labs are moving their mission of inclusivity forward with the release of the new Triclone Skin Tech Concealer. The product is available in 31 unique shades, ranging from fair to deep, that can be worn alone or complement the brand’s viral foundation.

“We consider this to be the new little sister of our award-winning Triclone Skin Tech Foundation,” says Haus Labs vice president of brand marketing, PR, and partnerships Dave Marchi. “This concealer has been the number one ask from consumers and beauty advisors since we launched foundation a year ago.” According to Marchi, the new concealer has already generated buzz on TikTok and Instagram ahead of its official release, with prelaunch offerings on the Sephora app selling out in just nine hours.

“With this new second child, there’s even more pressure to make something that stands up to the incredible industry feedback, and all the people supporting the brand,” says Gloria Ryu, chief product officer at Haus Labs. “This was really about using the same chassis—what I like to call sort of the engine or the building blocks of the formula—to give your skin buildable, medium coverage with that weightless feel and hyper-blurring performance.”

Of the shades offered, Ryu notes that the brand, “Never picks a specific number up front, so it wasn’t like, Oh, it’s going to be 31,” she says. “What we do is look across all of our six shade families—deep, medium deep, medium, light medium, light, and fair—and match out what we need as far as concealer to cover off all of our foundation shades. We actually ended up with around 110 or so.”

After developing over 100 different shades, Haus Labs tested them on over 400 models, consumers, friends, and family members to narrow down the most versatile options. The brand also enlisted a team of makeup artists, led by global artistry director Sarah Tanno, to help ensure shade validation. (Gaga’s concealer match is 11 Light Neutral.)

haus labs by lady gaga triclone skin tech concealer launch
Haus Labs founder Lady Gaga applies the brand’s new Triclone Skin Tech Hydrating + De-Puffing Concealer.Haus Labs by Lady Gaga

“We feel like our foundation range is pretty inclusive, so we wanted to make sure we were delivering on the same level of inclusivity across our concealers,” Ryu continues. In addition to featuring six shade families, where the foundation and concealer really shine—for both fairer and darker tones—is through their versatile undertone offerings, available in neutral, rosy, peach, and golden.

Plus, the concealer’s water-based formula is not only noncomedogenic, dermatologist-tested, and hypoallergenic, but also fragrance- and talc-free, similar to its partner foundation. Unlike the foundation, this product feels slightly creamier when applied, something I noticed almost immediately while testing it for over a month. “What’s so special about this gel emulsion is it blends out to be virtually nothing,” Tanno observes of the product’s flexible consistency. “It might feel thick on application, but it’s so incredibly lightweight—you can’t feel it on your skin.”

To craft its coveted makeup textures, Haus Labs by Lady Gaga relies on a roster of research and development experts from all over the world, including Korea, Europe, and the United States. After nearly 800 hours in the laboratory and 23 different iterations, the Triclone Skin Tech Concealer’s signature formula was finalized. “The R&D part of this formula is really, really important to how it gets born,” Ryu says. The concealer is also backed by five different clinical claims, such as providing up to 12 hours of long-wear coverage and hydration, along with visible under-eye de-puffing and brightening after two weeks of use.

The concealer’s buildable coverage and natural-looking finish alone help it secure a spot on my list of holy-grail products. But what I like most about it is that a little goes a long way, making it easy not to overdo your makeup look. And as someone with acne-prone combination skin, I found that its noncomedogenic blend of brightening niacinamide, redness-reducing fermented arnica, and other ingredients didn’t contribute to my breakouts (while expertly disguising my dark spots with or without setting powder).

haus labs by lady gaga triclone skin tech concealer launch
Haus Labs by Lady Gaga

What contributes to Haus Labs’ Midas touch? Along with a little star power, Gaga says it all comes down to quality control. “If we don’t feel like we have it, we take a beat, then go back and keep reworking it,” she says. “So, I would say our success stems from us authentically wanting our products to be great. And I think that nowadays that there’s no reason why every brand shouldn’t be doing the same thing.”

Haus Labs by Lady Gaga’s Triclone Skin Tech Hydrating + De-Puffing Concealer is available to shop at and for $32.

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