Lady Gaga On Wrapping Up Her ARTPOP Ball Tour, Sexuality, and 40,000 Square Foot Costume Archive

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    Lady Gaga
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Lady Gaga’s artRAVE: The ARTPOP Ball Tour wraps up in Paris, France, on Monday, Nov. 24, and Yahoo Live will be streaming her final show at 10:45 a.m. PT/1:45 p.m. ET. Bookmark this link to watch it!

To gear up for this one of a kind event, we’re running an excerpt from our exclusive interview and photo shoot from September. Read the full interview here.

From the moment that Lady Gaga entered the pop sphere (and ultimately flipped it on its head), her energetic dance anthems, soulful ballads, and eccentric outfits have left us wanting more. Within the span of five quick years, she has managed to rule the pop charts, successfully enrapturing and enlivening a generation of little monsters along the way. We caught up with “Lady” (as she introduced herself) to talk about her most reecent stylistic shift, documented in the selfie portraits that she sent exclusively to Yahoo Style.

Yahoo Style: You recently were asked about your style and said, “I’m a different expression of the same woman.” Are you channeling different women with these varied looks?
Lady Gaga: I feel like I carry the spirit of many fashionistas that came before me. I feel a very strong kinship to them. The history of art and the history of fashion are very important to me. My fashion is something that people are going to pay attention to. They are going to talk about it. I feel very deeply for Isabella Blow. For Alexander McQueen. His fearlessness is something that I think about a lot.

YS: Let’s talk about the outfits. What do you do with all of those glorious clothes? Do you have an archive? It must be incredible!
LG: I do. I have a huge archive in Los Angeles. It’s 40,000 square feet. I have every single outfit. All those pieces mean so much to me. I’ve kept every single one.

YS: That’s impressive.
LG: I don’t wear fashion, I am fashion. I don’t mean that to sound arrogant or rude or anything like that but you know when you just love something so much it just hurts. Like when the topstitching is just perfect. The beading is exquisite. It’s like a love affair. Those clothes are so special. I have another relationship with fashion that goes beyond just wearing clothes.

YS: Not only are you fashion but also beauty. Any beauty tips to share?
LG: I think that I am the most beautiful when I’m feeling happy. Keeping your heart peaceful. You should never wear anything you don’t want to wear. Whether you are a man or a woman you should dress and present yourself like the god or goddess that you are…

Lady Gaga’s artRave: The ARTPOP Ball is one of the biggest tours to hit the continent this year. It has sold out dates all over Europe, which is a testament to the fact that Gaga is one of the greatest global artists of all time. ARTPOP, Lady Gaga’s new album, debuted at No.1 on the Billboard 200.