Lady Gaga Is Launching Her Own Makeup Brand, Called "Haus Beauty" [Updated]

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UPDATE (January 1, 2019): In May 2018, celebrity- and beauty-obsessed Internet sleuths noticed that Lady Gaga's company, Ate My Heart, applied for a trademark for a brand called Haus Beauty. Fans understandably freaked out in the best possible way, setting their calendars for the launch of makeup, skin care, and/or hair care from the singer, songwriter, and now award-nominated actor. There was just one problem: no one knew what date to mark on said calendars.

We may be a little closer to learning a launch day, however, as Instagram account @gagas_czech_fan noticed that a website bearing the trademarked brand name had gone live. "THIS IS NOT A DRILL I WILL GIVE YOU UPDATES," they posted in a caption that accompanied a screenshot of

Clicking through reveals a pretty stark site so far, with absolutely no hints about what's to come. However, you have the opportunity to be the first to know what's coming by utilizing the only feature on the site: an email signup. The only other sections of the site are the Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy, which offer no further clues, but confirms that the brand will "store your email address for future reference in order to send you mailers and solicitations and announcements pertaining to our company, its events, releases, product offerings and other information consistent with our company's mission."

Of course, we will be sure to provide an update as soon as we hear one, but if you're a loyal Lady Gaga fan, you've probably already given Haus Beauty your email address.

This post originally appeared on May 9, 2018:

It seems like there are more celebrities who have beauty brands in the works than those who don't these days. As excited as we get about the products that could come from each star's prospective collection, though, there are definitely a few select celebrities we'd be especially thrilled to see become makeup moguls. And one of those celebrities is reportedly doing exactly that.

As originally reported by The Blast and then put on blast by Instagram's Paul Revere of beauty, @trendmood1, Lady Gaga has filed an application to trademark the name Haus Beauty for a cosmetics line. A quick search on the United States Patent and Trademark Office's website does, indeed, reveal that Gaga's company, Ate My Heart Inc., applied for a standard character mark in late February. According to the application, the Haus Beauty name would be used for a potentially huge number of products, including foundations, blush, lipstick, lip gloss, eyeliner, eye shadow, perfume, facial cleansers, toner, scrubs, moisturizer, hand cream, masks, highlighter, bronzer, body oil, face wipes, sunscreen, self-tanner, nail polish, and more. The application even lists "fragranced boy care preparations," but we're thinking that might be a typo.

Now it seems, looking back on some of Lady Gaga's Instagram posts, she might have been dropping hints about this beauty-business move for months. Several of her captions on makeup-focused photos include the hashtags #haus, #hausofgaga, and #hauseditorials. She's been leaving us Easter eggs all along.

Although this would be her first foray into her own makeup and skin-care collection, Gaga has had plenty of experience in the beauty industry. In 2009 and 2010, she participated in the M.A.C. Viva Glam campaign, creating lipstick and lip gloss shades to raise money for AIDS research, and in 2012, she launched the fragrance Lady Gaga Fame with Coty. No word on exactly when we can expect to see Beauty Haus products, but the moment we know, we'll update you.

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