Lacey Chabert Defends Hallmark Following Candace Cameron Bure's Controversial Comments

'I'll never abandon what Hallmark means for me, which is that everything is centered around the heart.'

Lacey Chabert is finally addressing the controversial statements made by her former colleague, Candace Cameron Bure

In a recent interview with Vulture, the 40-year-old actress spoke about the recent leadership changes to the television network, noting that she "found a real home in Hallmark."

The Mean Girls alum also recognized that the changes were for the better and that any shift she felt "has been embracing our creative ideas, and it's my responsibility to the audience who continue to tune into my movies that I give the best I have to offer."

"That's always my mission," she continued. "I'll never abandon what Hallmark means for me, which is that everything is centered around the heart. I don't think there are any plans for that to change anytime soon."

During the interview, Chabert was asked about her thoughts on previously established Hallmark stars who are now switching gears to the rival start-up, Great American Family (GAF), such as Bure, Lori Laughlin, and Danica McKellar

"I wish everybody the best," Chabert said. "I really can't comment on it further other than I care about everybody involved."

Whether or not the network tried to get the actress on their team is unknown, as Chabert stated, "I'm with Hallmark, and I work for them. I'm so sorry, but I'll just have to leave it at that."

Bure joined GAF back in April, where she signed a colossal deal with the network, but last month the actress sparked controversy after her interview with the Wall Street Journalwhere she stated that she wants to "keep traditional marriage at the core" of GAF programming.

After fans were outraged over her initial statement, Bure, 46, took to Instagram to share a lengthy post where she proceeded to defend her comments.