Lab Injures His Toe and Totally Hams It Up After Getting a Bandaid


This Labrador Retriever injured his toe—and he’s acting absolutely pitiful! After he got a bandaid, he started hamming it up for his owner to care more about him.

This dog really knows how to put on a show. He’s making his owner feel bad for him with all of those sad glances. You really can’t help but feel bad for him yourself!

This little guy is so adorable, and he really knows how to work the audience with his looks. He seems so helpless and sad, and his mom is really playing it up too!

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Hopefully the toe injury subsides soon and this pup will be back to running and playing in no time. Until then, it seems there’s going to be a lot of moping, sad faces, and lying around until the toe is better.

This dog is really making a big deal about the injury—so much that maybe it hurts more than we thought! He surely does look to be in a bit of pain. A bit of ice and then heat would help if any swelling was present. We’re sure his mom got right on that if that was the case.

With any luck, that pup is more than healed by now and running around just fine. He was surely living a pampered life for the duration of his injury, and his mom was totally there for it. With any luck, he probably nursed it for as long as he could.

For as long as his mom knew, he could have been entirely fine the whole time and was just hamming it up for attention. Dogs can be sneaky like that!

The dog is smart enough to have done that for sure. But now, hopefully he will be more careful with his toes and avoid any further injuries.

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