La La Anthony opens up to The Unwind

Here's how the actress, producer and author puts her mental health first.

Video Transcript

LA LA ANTHONY: I had to learn to get better at self care. And it's definitely been about just finding time for myself without my phone, without email, without Zoom, without everything, and just really sitting in my own thoughts of what's important to me, reflecting on my life for or different things like that. I think sometimes just drowning out all the background noise is so important. And we don't realize what turning off our devices sometimes can really do.

And even if it's just five minutes a day, it really does make a difference. And that's been a game changer for me. The schedule's always crazy. But if you don't put boundaries, you're just going to work yourself in the ground.

So I definitely take that time to be with my son, to go to his basketball games, to go to his school, to just be engaged in what he's doing. That's important. And that's a balance between being a mom and working, just finding whatever that happy medium is, so that you're not just burnt out on work and don't have time for your personal life and the things that really matter, which are your loved ones and your family.

I would definitely say love yourself from the inside out is something my dad told me many years ago. And it all starts with you loving yourself from the inside out. People don't realize how important that is. So that's something I definitely try to remind myself.

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