These La Canadienne Boots Are Like Uggs—But a More Elevated Version

la canadienne abba boots
The Comfiest Boots You'll Wear All Fall & Winter

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I loathe the cold. While, yes, I did grow up in the Northeast and will defend the east coast til the very end, nothing makes me "ugh" more than days when the temperature is 50 degrees or below. It's just something I will never get used to. But for all the hate I give it, I do very much love cold-weather fashion. The chunky sweaters, a cozy knit dress with tights, all the coats, and the boots. Gosh, do I adore my boots... because another thing I can't stand? Walking around in shoes with toes feeling like ice cubes! And when I need a pair that's both cute and cozy, I turn to La Canadienne.

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I came across the brand last winter when I finally had enough of another pair of boots that never served its purpose. What stood out to me most was not only how ridiculously luxe all La Canadienne's styles looked, but the fact that they're all crafted with weatherproof premium leathers and suedes from Italy. That was the selling point for me. I decided on the shearling-lined Abba booties, and I'm not exaggerating when I say I wore them every single day last February.

Slightly chunky but surprisingly lightweight, the shoes have a frontal zipper for easy-on, easy-off access. Honestly, I never thought about how much of a difference the zipper in the front would make, but it works! I got mine in suede, and while suede is often considered a big no-no during a season of rain and snow, La Canadienne's trademarked CityDry technology keeps the material protected and most importantly, your feet dry! Game-changer! And the soles—you didn't think I'd forget mentioning the rubber soles, right?—provide excellent traction, so you never have to worry about slipping and falling on icy pavements.

Then there's the genuine shearling detail, which is my favorite part of all because of how snuggly and comfy it feels wrapped around my feet. The boots are like Uggs, but an elevated version. I also love how the fur-lined detail adds texture to a casual look of jeans and a sweater, but it also looks cute with skirts and dresses with the socks peaking out a bit.

In addition to the Abba, I also have La Canadienne's best-selling Chelsea boots, the Connor, and those are equally as comfy (absolutely no breaking-in required!) and truly the lightest pair of boots I've ever walked in. I really can't sing La Canadienne's praises enough. I already have way too many boots and it's taking everything out of me not to add another one to my collection this fall/winter. But if I were to get another pair, I'd get one with a little heel in another color... maybe the burgundy Rest boots. Or another pair of Abbas in the chocolate brown colorway. Don't tempt me, though!

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