Kyrie Cooking in Game 1, Lakers not so much | Dunk Bait

LaJethro Jenkins disucsses Kyrie and the nets, the Lakers won't be undefeated, and KD.

Video Transcript

LAJETHRO JENKINS: The last few weeks have been interesting for Kyrie. There was a back and forth about media availability, the pre-game staging of the basketball court, and people had a lot to say. He's weird, a distraction. And yes, the man is odd, but he's also a basketball savant.

I mean, look at this and this and this disrespectful [BLEEP] here. Kyrie, you got to calm it down a bit. Just chill [INAUDIBLE], OK? Relax, my guy, sheesh. So when you mention his perceived inadequacies, make sure to mention that he's also one of the coldest, most and impossibly unguardable hoopers to ever lay his hands on a basketball.

The first day of the season has taught us a few things. KD is back to being KD. The Lakers will not go unbeaten this year. We're not worried about the Clips. We're worried about ships You feel? And Kyrie may be a lot of things. But most importantly, Kyrie is good enough at his chosen career that he's undoubtedly worth whatever else comes with Kyrie.