Kylie Kelce Shared a "Chaotic" Video from Their Family Christmas Card Photo Shoot, and It Is So Relatable

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kylie and jason kelce
See Kylie Kelce's BTS Video from Christmas CardKylie Kelce/Instagram

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Jason and Travis Kelce get the glory for their many achievements on the football field, but fans know that the family's true champion is Kylie Kelce, Jason's wife of five years. Kylie is the mom to three young daughters and a driving force behind the Eagles Autism Foundation. And if you've watched the Kelce documentary or listened to the New Heights Podcast, you know she's the one running the show. It's no mystery why Travis has called her "the best sister a guy could ask for."

In a very relatable move, Kylie shared a behind-the-scenes video from their family's Christmas card photo shoot on her Instagram account. Kylie and Jason are shown wrangling (and bribing!) their three daughters, Wyatt (4), Elliotte (2), and Bennett (8 months) and their giant Irish wolfhounds, Winnie and Baloo. Anyone who has been in a similar situation knows this is no small feat.

Kylie explains this is the family's fourth season with Minted. Jason says, "It's going to be a long season, I can tell. I'm prepared for football, I'm not prepared for holiday season." Kylie and Jason show patience while their children act just as you would expect: squirming, losing shoes, and not keeping their hands to themselves.

Kylie tells fans, "Preparation was making sure we had a nutritious breakfast, because we were about the bribe the living daylight out of these children. It's an endurance game."

Kylie captioned the adorable video, "Team Kelce @minted holiday card reveal! For our other favorite season of the year we’re partnering with @minted to send cheer to our friends and family. Did your family photos go a little something like this? Wishing you happy holidays from our family to yours—humor, joy, chaos and all. Kelce fam tip - bribe the kiddos with donuts."

The result: An adorable, casual card that reflects the family's personalities. (They used the Madras background from Minted.) Kylie even offered a discount for her followers on her Instagram account.

There will be many more photo opportunities when the Kelce family gathers for Monday Night Football for the Family Reunion game. Jason's Philadelphia Eagles will take on Travis's Kansas City Chiefs for a rematch of the Super Bowl.

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