Kylie Jenner's Debut Perfume Is a Nod to Kris Jenner

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Kylie herself gives us all the details.

<p>Kylie Cosmetics</p>

Kylie Cosmetics

When you think of Kylie Cosmetics, the brand’s infamous lip kits instantly come to mind. They're what launched the brand into an instant, viral, success—creating just as many memes as it did genuine user obsession. Looking back nearly 10 years later, Kylie Jenner really helped inform what a celebrity beauty brand could look like, and was way ahead of the curve entering the space that's now dominated by her friends and family (hi, Rhode).

Since 2015, Kylie Cosmetics has tackled nearly every inch of the beauty space. Jenner turned her lipliner empire into foundation, concealer, blush, highlighter, and lip gloss. She's also since expanded into skincare, baby care, and tools like makeup brushes.

However, there's one thing missing from every Kylie Cosmetics stan’s collection: fragrance. Although Kylie created a lip-themed fragrance in collaboration with Kim Kardashian’s brand KKW Beauty in 2019, she's never had her own. That changes today.

On of March 7, Jenner is dropping her first perfume under the brand, Cosmic Kylie Jenner ($78). Ahead, all the details on the exciting new launch, straight from Jenner herself.

The Inspiration

Seeing as Cosmic is Jenner's debut fragrance, she wanted something personal that she would actually wear every day. “I love to have a signature scent," Jenner tells Byrdie. "Fragrance is definitely very personal to me. It's my finishing touch to every look." That said, Jenner had to make sure every detail was perfectly on brand for her and encapsulated the “nostalgic" scent she wanted.

<p>Kylie Cosmetics</p>

Kylie Cosmetics

Jenner says that the fragrance took two years to come to fruition, but it has roots in her childhood. “My mom used to wear a beautiful floral fragrance growing up," she says, adding that soft florals always bring her comfort and are “very nostalgic."

That being said, she added a bit of that signature Kylie sultriness to the classic scent—when describing the way Cosmic makes her feel, the words “sophisticated, sweet, magnetic, and sexy” rolled off her tongue. She adds that she wanted it to smell "out-of-this-world," hence the fragrance's name.

<p>Kyle Cosmetics</p>

Kyle Cosmetics

The Notes

In order to create a “magnetic, skin-inspired scent” that is just as “perfect for day or night,” Kylie enlisted the help of expert perfumer Nicole Mancini.

“Vanilla Musk was on the top of my list, it was very important," says Jenner. "I really gravitate towards vanilla musk. So, I wanted that in my first fragrance,” Jenner said of the most important note. Alongside that sweet, comforting note as the base, she also added warm cedarwood for an earthy touch.

<p>Kylie cosmetics</p>

Kylie cosmetics

At the heart of the fragrance are some of the floral scents that remind her of her mom. Namely, red peony accord and golden amber accord. The peony adds a sweet floral blanket to the perfume and golden amber brings out that warmth that's so important to Jenner.

The cherry on top (notes)? Star jasmine and blood orange. Both play nicely with the woody cedarwood, while also bringing out the sweetness from the florals—all in all, combining for a second skin feeling that isn’t overpowering but still sexy.

As mentioned, formulating her debut fragrance took two years to come to completion. The reason? Namely the avant-garde, sculptural bottle that houses all three sizes, 30, 50, and 100ML.

<p>Kylie Cosmetics</p>

Kylie Cosmetics

Just like the fragrance inside, Jenner “wanted the bottle to just be like a piece of art from another world,” that looked "beautiful in your bathroom or your bedroom.”

The result? A clear glass orb with a round silver cap that was “designed to fit perfectly in your hand,” said Jenner. Throughout the bottle, there are grooves, dips, and cut-outs that perfectly fit your fingers for easy holding and spraying. Something Jenner says is “simple in a way,” but at the same time “really different than anything you’ve ever seen”—and we, for one, agree.

How Kylie Wears It

Since she created this perfume to be her new go-to, she obviously has a signature way of wearing the fragrance—always layering the scent over coordinating scented lotions, and spraying it on very specific locations.

“I do my lotion first,” she says, adding that she's “obsessed with my vanilla scent Kylie Skin lotion. It's the only body lotion I've used since we developed it.”

Since Cosmic has a “beautiful mist,” she doesn’t need to apply it as liberally as she would other fragrances. Her perfect routine? “Two sprays on my clothes, one on my neck, sometimes my wrist. Two to three sprays is definitely enough with this fragrance.”

Cosmic Kylie Jenner is available on for $40 for 30ml, $60 for 50ml, $78 for 100ml, or $78 for a refill.

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