Kylie Jenner And Stormi Webster Wear Matching Sold-Out Metallic Air Jordan Sneakers

Kelsey Stiegman
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Photo credit: David Livingston - Getty Images
Photo credit: David Livingston - Getty Images

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Think of your dream sneakers – the one super-exclusive pair that dropped online, immediately sold out, and you've been lusting after ever since. Well, Kylie Jenner probably has them. The beauty entrepreneur is a dedicated sneakerhead and has the unfailing ability to get her hands on the most exclusive shoe launches before anyone else (life of a millionaire, amiright?!).

Kylie owns endless variations of Air Jordans, even copping the crazy rare Dior collab Nikes that are almost impossible to get. Now, she's showing off another sold-out sneaker for her followers and even got Stormi a pair to match.

On Instagram Stories, Kylie flaunted an adorable twin moment with her 2-year-old daughter. The pair donned identical Air Jordan 4 sneakers with metallic emerald hardware. The limited-edition shoe dropped earlier this summer and have already sold out.

Photo credit: Instagram
Photo credit: Instagram

Though you can no longer find them on the Nike website (😫) these babies are still shoppable, if you know where to look. If you're ready to drop triple digits on a pair of sneakers (absolutely no judgement if that's the case), you can place your bid on a brand new pair over on the StockX website.

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