Kylie Jenner Puts This Strange Ingredient On Her Avocado Toast In Case You Want To Try Something New

Alexis Morillo
Photo credit: Instagram/kyliejenner
Photo credit: Instagram/kyliejenner

From Delish

Kylie Jenner often gives us a peak behind the curtain of her daily life via Instagram stories. Sometimes it's her daily makeup routine or just because Stormi is doing something cute, but as of late, she's been sharing quite a bit of what goes on in her kitchen. Most recently, she showed her fans and followers how she makes avocado toast...and one ingredient has some people perplexed.

Sure, avocado toast is a pretty simple dish to make yourself, but something about knowing how people in the spotlight prefer such staples is interesting. Like, come on, The Rock puts tequila on his French toast! So when I saw Kylie share a simple photo on her Instagram, it looked basic enough. It included a toasted slice of sourdough, avocado, crushed red pepper, flaky salt, and, uh....honey.

This is where things got interesting, as people tend to keep their toast strictly savory or only sweet, but that's just not the way Kylie rolls. Though she didn't go into detail, it's obvious that she toasted the bread beforehand, mashed the avocado with a fork, and then topped it with the red pepper flakes and flaky salt before drizzling it in honey. The finished product did look good enough, though, so maybe this isn't total sacrilege.

Quite a few people on Twitter gave her recipe a try—honey and all—and seemed to like it. And as expected, some people couldn't care less. Either way, now you know how Kylie eats her avocado toast. All I care about is how Stormi prefers hers.

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