Kylie Jenner allegedly bought Stormi a $200,000 pony

Kylie Jenner is no stranger to spoilingher two-year-old daughter Stormi. In Julyalone, she’s gifted the toddler a Louis Vuittonhandbag, several mini Prada bags, Supremetracksuits and brand new Nike gear.However, those gifts pale in comparison tothe one Kylie most recently gifted her “baby”.According to the Daily Mail, the makeupmogul allegedly spent $200,000 on a greypony named Frozen for her daughter.In an Instagram post, the pony’s breeder,Stal Wilten, supposedly confirmed thatStormi was the “sweet little girl” whobought the “precious pony,” thoughhe later edited the caption.We got news [Frozen] has landed in L.A. and livingthe life with a sweet little girl named Stormi,” Wiltenallegedly wrote, according to the Daily Mail.“Kylie Jenner in true fashion, made sure herdaughter had the most precious pony out there.We can’t wait to see pictures of Stormi and Frozen”.Though Kylie still hasn’t confirmed whether Frozen ishers, Twitter users are already dragging her throughthe mud for making such an extravagant purchase.“Kylie Jenner just purchased a pony forher two-year-old daughter that costmore than my entire law school tuition,”one person said. “Eat the rich”.“Wasteful and obnoxious,”another user added.“Read the room, some of us can’t even payour rent during this pandemic,” a third personsaid in response to the alleged purchase

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