Kubra Kay's founder shares her world-traveling beauty secrets and products

Khadidja Toure founded Kubra Kay, a skincare brand that has natural, organic formulas to keep your skin healthy and glowing all year round. Founder shares her world-traveling beauty secrets and products.

Video Transcript

NURYS CASTILLO: What's up, guys? I'm Nurys and this is Accidental Beauty Blogger At Home Edition.


I'm super excited because today I will be testing out products from Kubra Kay Skincare, with the founder herself, Khadidja Toure. She created this line to be reminiscent of the beauty practices she picked up while traveling over 25 countries. And now she's here with me to share some of those tips. I'm so excited to have you here with me today.

I've been eyeing Kubra Kay Skincare for a while now, so it's like I'm with a little celebrity right now. The first thing I want to do is talk a little bit about your skin care brand and how it started.

KHADIDJA TOURE: It was first influenced by my mom. So I remember like my youngest memories of beauty and skincare were with her. I always smelled like cocoa butter, shea butter in the kitchen, and so should be mixing these like natural remedies. I started investing in my skin, started really looking at products, and I was just so frustrated because I was trying out products for like two years. And I went to dermatologists and I just wasn't getting the results that I wanted.

So I started to take a new approach and started looking at ingredients. And so at the same time I was traveling with my engineering job to like different countries. And I would go to these small villages and learn about the different ingredients that they would use in skincare and the different DIYs. Like in India, they're really heavily influenced by turmeric. In Sri Lanka, they're really big on cinnamon. In Thailand, they're really big on prickly pear.

So it's just really interesting to like-- a lot of the anchor ingredients were what my mom showed me early on, but then when I went to these different countries, I saw these other ingredients that they would add on and it was just so incredible. I decided to launch Kubra Kay Skincare, because it was just something I felt like I was really called to do. And I just feel like it's my purpose to give people the confidence that I feel like I didn't have and I fee like a lot of that struggle came through my skin. Let's start with the Fruit Night Cream.

NURYS CASTILLO: Yeah, this is something that was really excited about.

KHADIDJA TOURE: So this one I love for people that are a little bit more on the dry side of things. And I'll just like show the texture. So this was one of the things that I really wanted a really rich, creamy texture. That was really important to me. But each day and night cream has a purpose. So for us, I love something that's really rich and creamy, but I also think it's important that you're giving back what you're like with the moisture and the like vitamins that your skin needs from like having a long day. So I like to apply this like upper shoulders, neck, and then face.

NURYS CASTILLO: Oh, OK. I was going for the face. Let me go in here. [CHUCKLES]

KHADIDJA TOURE: What you're smelling is just like natural fruit extracts that we incorporated. So we included over seven different extracts, ranging from like grapeseed oil to grapefruit. And so it's loaded with a lot of antioxidants and vitamins, and so it just really helps reset your skin and gives you like a really nice glow.

So this one has the glycolic acid. So if you feel it, yeah, it doesn't-- it has sugarcane in it, but you're not going to feel that it has sugar in it. So that's really good for exfoliating and also is turmeric, which is good for brightening any acne scarring.

NURYS CASTILLO: I don't feel the little like exfoliate stuff. And for me, like I need something like that because I have also sensitive skin and sometimes those explains mess up my skin completely.

KHADIDJA TOURE: But I like this too, because you apply this daily. So you're getting like your daily exfoliation, without having to look at a harsh scrub. You can put it on all over your body, but I typically like to-- I'm going to-- I'm kind of crazy now. I feel like I treat my body like I treat my face. I'm like a body hero.

NURYS CASTILLO: Especially with shaving, and I know you have a razor relief, so I was like, thank you lord. Because I need something for these crazy ashy legs, especially when I shave.

KHADIDJA TOURE: Yeah, this is the razor relief. And it's loaded with tea tree oil. It also has like a bunch of different fruit extracts. It also has glycolic acid, so you're going to get exfoliation. It has turmeric for brightening like any scarring or discoloration.

I mean, right now, everyone's trapped in their house. So I'm sure like waxing appointments are a no-go and everyone's just shaving. So this is safe for your like face, your bikini area, your armpits, and it works just like a moisturizer.

NURYS CASTILLO: And this, could it work for men and women?

KHADIDJA TOURE: I think men especially after they go to the barber shop they like-- it's around their neck.

NURYS CASTILLO: Well, now that they can't go to the barber shop, I'm pretty sure they are not looking good down here. It's either they're trying to do their own haircuts or they're just not trying at all. And I'm like, damn, that's your look? What was your first product and why did you choose that first product?

KHADIDJA TOURE: My first product was actually the ice globes. Which most people don't know that-- they definitely don't know that I use them religiously.


KHADIDJA TOURE: Especially, like-- so I-- yeah, I like-- [LAUGHS] so I put these in the fridge and especially in the morning. I like to like-- I get really bad under eye bags. And then just sometimes your face looks so tired. So I like to just like put it in the fridge and then take it out and like massage my entire face. So I like start with my under eyes and like loop it around.

NURYS CASTILLO: Like a circle?

KHADIDJA TOURE: In a circle, yeah.

NURYS CASTILLO: Oh, my god, this feels so good.

KHADIDJA TOURE: So not only is it like helping kind of waking up your face, tone your muscles, but I just-- it just really like helps pack in that moisturizer. And I love this also, is like secret hack as like a primer for my makeup. It just like sets your moisturizer in place and then you apply your makeup. And I just feel like it keeps it in place for a lot longer.

NURYS CASTILLO: I can't stop. Help me. OK.


How do you want Kubra Kay to be presented in the beauty industry?

KHADIDJA TOURE: First and foremost, I want people to know that it's a brand for everyone. I wanted people to take away that it's a community, that we don't have to like front and pretend everything's perfect, but we're going to grow and glow up together and improve like the wellness of our skin.


NURYS CASTILLO: Hug, I love that. At the end of each episode we have an ultimate must have. Which products out of these three do you think a person should buy?

KHADIDJA TOURE: My "I can't live without" product is definitely our A&E Night Cream. This one I just feel like really helps reset your skin, improves your complexion, and I just feel like everything that you want in a night cream. So definitely this one is my absolute favorite.

NURYS CASTILLO: I agree. I'm actually going to a little more to my face, just because I liked it so much.

KHADIDJA TOURE: Want me to do it with you?

NURYS CASTILLO: Ooh, yes. You know, virtual girl time. Thank you so much for being here and chatting with me today. I learned so much about you in the brand, and please let everyone know where they can find you and Kubra Kay.

KHADIDJA TOURE: Kubra Kay we have a website, kubrakayskincare.com. Also, follow us on Instagram. We share so many good tips and like just massage techniques and everything, so @kubrakayskincare. And then if you also want to follow me, it's @imkhadidja. I post all kinds of nonsense, but it's fun. [CHUCKLES]