Kristen Stewart’s Cable Knit Underwear Is Why This Outfit Works

new york, new york march 12 kristen stewart is seen on march 12, 2024 in new york city photo by raymond hallgc images
K-Stew’s Knit Underwear Is Why This Outfit WorksRaymond Hall - Getty Images
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At Harper’s Bazaar, we’re constantly asking: What exactly makes a good outfit a good outfit? In our column Why This Outfit Works, an editor dissects the anatomy of a look, zeroing in on the one specific piece (or pieces) that pull the entire ensemble together.

It’s nearing 70 degrees Fahrenheit in New York City today, a rare late-winter treat that sets off celebratory rituals like the shedding of scarves, puffers, and pants. Maybe that’s why Kristen Stewart looked right at home in cable knit panties—and not much else—while frolicking through downtown’s cobblestone streets this afternoon.

Stewart and her stylist, Tara Swennen, have already made the underwear-as-outerwear trend a signature part of her press tour wardrobe for Love Lies Bleeding. In fact, the duo kicked off the promo run by having the actor show up to the premiere in an extremely high-cut bodysuit from upcycled retail line Bettter, eschewing pants for transparent black tights.

But, today's outfit introduced a more wearable take on the generally impractical springtime trend. After all, most people—no matter how fashion-forward—will not be relying on a simple pair of undies as the sole layer protecting their lower body from the city's unpredictable elements.

But, Stewart isn't most people (and paparazzi photos seemingly confirmed that her commute involved a slick black SUV rather than questionably stained subway seats). As she exited a building, she looked quietly cool while strutting in some creamy cable knit underwear with mocha brown trimming, an understated hero piece from Brunello Cucinelli's Spring 2024 ready-to-wear collection.

new york, new york march 12 kristen stewart is seen on march 12, 2024 in new york city photo by raymond hallgc images
Raymond Hall - Getty Images

The top half of her outfit included a pale beige collared shirt, also from Brunello Cucinelli. Only the very top button was fastened, revealing a sliver of a nude Victoria's Secret bra underneath. She completed the look with transparent nude tights, glossy dark cherry pumps, a black Chanel bag, and maroon shades.

Underwear is definitely having its moment on the runway, with fellow luxury brands like Gucci and Miu Miu test-driving statement underpants in collections released over the past few years. (You might have seen Kendall Jenner wearing Miu Miu's viral bedazzled underwear on the cover of Bazaar's September 2023 issue.)

Senior digital fashion editor Tara Gonzalez previously meditated on the controversial pants/pantsless revolution earlier this year: “Everyone loves to toss around phrases like quiet luxury or back to basics or It’s the recession to describe this pared-back style moment, but there’s nothing quiet about what’s happening to pants. What has made them so ripe for disruption? And why does it make everyone so upset?”

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