Can Kristen Kish and the hosts of Fast Foodies conquer our crispy, greasy game?

Marah Eakin
·1 min read

Even the fanciest chefs can appreciate the merits of some good old fashioned fast food from time to time. Just ask the hosts of Tru TV’s Fast Foodies, Kristen Kish, Justin Sutherland, and Jeremy Ford. The three Top Chef alums have bonded over their love of everything mass-produced and fried, from Arby’s potato cakes to Taco Bell’s cheesy gordita crunch. It’s the inspiration for Fast Foodies, which challenges the three to not only replicate a famous guest’s favorite fast food item—Ron Funches’ is a Wendy’s spicy chicken sandwich, for instance—but to then take inspiration from the dish to create their own take on the fare. (Spicy chicken foam, anyone?)

Since the three are no stranger to fast food, we challenged them to a crispy, greasy game we made up, aptly named Name That Fast Food. In the video above, we show the trio a de-branded picture of some fast food item, and see how quickly they can name the item. Play along, why don’t you? And then dip out for a little weekday fast food fun yourself.

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The season one finale of Fast Foodies airs this Thursday night. In it, the chefs welcome Andy Richter and take on his favorite item, the McDonald’s Filet-O-Fish.