Kraft Is Replacing "Dinner" With "Breakfast" On Its Mac & Cheese Boxes For A Limited Time

Photo credit: NICHOLAS KAMM - Getty Images
Photo credit: NICHOLAS KAMM - Getty Images

From Delish

If you think about it, it's pretty silly that we've designated certain foods to be "breakfast foods" and certain foods to be "lunch and dinner foods." If I have a salad for breakfast will time stop? If I have waffles for dinner, will you come to my apartment and yell at me?? I should hope not,'s 2020! Let everyone do what they want. Luckily, Kraft is totally down for that because they're encouraging you to break out the blue box during breakfast time.

Cooking three meals a day is...not fun! So parents are getting creative. Apparently 56 percent of parents have served their kids mac & cheese for breakfast more often during COVID-19-related state lockdowns than in previous months, according to the brand. So, in honor of that spirit of ingenuity, the brand is replacing the words "dinner" with “breakfast” on its boxes.

You can spot these limited-edition boxes in grocery stores starting next year. Can't wait? You can also score your own limited-edition “Breakfast Box" from Kraft by using the #KMCforBreakfast and #Sweepstakes on Twitter or by entering for the chance to win here. Each box will contain a coloring placemat, a magnet with topping suggestions to make mac & cheese more breakfast friendly (OK, now I want to put bacon in my mac & cheese...), a mug, and, duh, a box of mac & cheese.

If winning one of these boxes isn't a prize enough, the brand will also be donating 10 boxes of mac & cheese to Feed the Children for each use of #KMCforBreakfast on Twitter up to one million boxes.

So there you have it! Everything is a breakfast food and a lunch food and a dinner food now. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to make waffles for lunch now because I CAN.

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