Is Kourtney Kardashian's son Reign Disick, 4, flipping off paparazzi problematic? Experts weigh in.

(Photo: @cutiekardashians/Instagram)
(Photo: @cutiekardashians/Instagram)

Reign Disick, the youngest son of reality star and businesswoman Kourtney Kardashian and her ex-boyfriend Scott Disick, is no stranger to being in the spotlight. But while out on a recent trip to Armenia, the spirited four year old decided to stick his middle finger out to the cameras following him and his family — and, in true Keeping Up with the Kardashians style, the moment was caught on video. The post, originally shared and captured by fan account @cutiekardashians, has quickly caught the attention of fans and beyond and has left some wondering: is this sort of behavior just fine from a young child?

On the one hand, several folks on Twitter are claiming Reign is simply put: A Mood.

Twitter user @highimlola said, “I do not keep up with The Kardashians. However, Reign Disick is a whollllle moood !” while Twitter user @abastron added that he was not only a “whole ass mood” but included the hashtag #FlipItLikeDisick.

Twitter user @layla_nav said of the child’s potentially crude action, “reign disick is me in baby form,” and Twitter user @perrijtx simply thought the video was hilarious, tweeting, “that video of reign disick w his middle finger up has actually floored me.”

But some folks over on Instagram are having somewhat of an opposite reaction after the video was posted over on IG page @officialKenBarbie.

Instagram user @kellykj605 commented, “She better discipline those kids.” Another user, @maydwell_, referred to the child as “bad bad,” adding that they have two kids who don’t do that, “thank god.”

Instagrammer @cravee_onnaa said they thought Kourtney’s kids are “outa control,” and Instagram user @beefyboystyle added, “And that’s why her dumb is getting sued as soon as her bad ass Kids hit the wrong person.” Apparently the Instagram community is a bit less forgiving (among other things).

Now obviously, Reign has witnessed many people flip the bird, including his own family. And the child has clearly grown up seeing cameras flashing in his and his parents’ direction, so he must understand the basics of a constant invasion of privacy and how frustrating it can be.

Mary Lou Harwood, a retired school psychologist in Massachusetts, doesn’t see what the big deal is, though, especially since he’s only four.

“I’m sure he’s heard that the paparazzi are not his family’s friends. ‘They are harassing my mom so I can tell them to bugger off,’” Harwood says of the young boy.

“I think it’s probably more appropriate than having an adult chase you around sticking a camera in your face,” she adds.

Shivani Seth, a children’s behavioral health clinician who now focuses on writing, says it simply looks like the young boy is testing boundaries.

“He’s got a smile on his face and he looks relaxed. He may just be seeing what happens, which is totally normal for the age,” says Seth, adding it wouldn’t be anything that would require clinical intervention.

“Paparazzi are weird and kids can pick up when things are uncomfortable. Did he learn it somewhere? Probably. But it’s not an aggressive act,” explains Seth.

Harwood agrees: “Flipping someone off is relatively nonviolent. I would have to ask how much respect does the paparazzi deserve.”

For Harwood, context is everything. Flipping off the paparazzi is one thing. Doing it in school is another.

“(Then) the question for me would be, was he provoked? I might ask him to apologize if it was his principal. But I really don’t think his behavior is indicative of anything,” says Harwood.

For now, Reign will probably keep on reigning in his own way in the Disick-Kardashian world. And as for flipping off people who harass his parents for pay, in this case I’d say the kid is alright.

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