Kourtney Kardashian faces criticism over nine-year-old daughter’s fake nails in TikTok video

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Kourtney Kardashian faces criticism after nine-year-old daughter Penelope shows off long fake nails  (Getty Images)
Kourtney Kardashian faces criticism after nine-year-old daughter Penelope shows off long fake nails (Getty Images)

Kourtney Kardashian is facing mom-shaming from TikTok users who are criticising her for allowing her nine-year-old daughter to wear fake nails.

The criticism arose after the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star and her daughter Penelope Disick, nine, recently created a joint TikTok account together, where they post videos under the username @pandkourt.

In a recent video, uploaded on Wednesday, the nine year old can be seen pouring herself a drink from a can before taking a sip, while the TikTok ends with Kardashian taking a sip from the same can.

While many TikTok users were excited by Penelope’s increasing usage of the app, others found issue with her nails, as the Poosh founder’s daughter appears to have fake almond-shaped nails on in the video.

In the comments under the clip, which has been viewed more than 1.3m times, some viewers questioned why Kardashian allowed her daughter to have the nails applied, with one person commenting: “That child has acrylics.”

“She’s a kid. Imagine the bag of problems this poor girl is going to have… Protect her and let her be a kid,” another person wrote, while someone else commented: “She’s like six and she has nails.”

However, in response to the criticism, many viewers took the opportunity to defend the nine-year-old’s nails, and Kardashian’s parenting.

“My daughter would love it when I would take her to the salon and let her get her nails done along with her hair. That’s being a good mom,” one fan claimed, while another person added: “Her nails are so cute, I would have died for that at her age.”

This is not the first time that Penelope has shown off her lengthy nails on the mother-daughter duo’s TikTok account, as she previously posted a video to the platform in which she’d shown off the colourful nail designs she’d had applied to each finger.

While some of the comments were critical, most of the responses were positive, with one viewer joking that they would be taking the video to their own nail salon as inspiration.

As of now, Kardashian has not addressed the comments, however, she recently defended herself from mom-shaming after a social media troll suggested that she doesn’t spend enough time with her three children, who she shares with ex Scott Disick.

In response to an Instagram comment that read: “Oh wow you’re with your kids finally??” Kardashian replied: “I’m with my kids every day thank God, social media isn’t always real life.”

Since posting their first video in October, the reality star and her daughter have accumulated more than 2.3m followers on the TikTok.

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