Kourtney K.’s Daughter Tells Dad Scott Disick to Stop Dating Teens

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Scott Disick has been linked to many women since he and Kourtney Kardashian split for good in 2015. But Sofia Richie is probably the most memorable of the bunch (at least if you're keeping up), because she was only 19 years old when their relationship began—and, well, some people thought that was gross. (Scott was 34.) Unsolicited debates about consenting adults aside, Scott's penchant for dating much younger women, teens included, came up in this week's episode of The Kardashians, which saw Khloé and Kris (Season 4's Laverne & Shirley) play matchmaker for the father of three. (He's been down in the dumps since injuring his back in a 2022 car accident.)

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There are several notable moments in the scene, like when Khloé reminds her mother that she hasn't been single a day in her life ("I cannot help it if I'm popular," Kris says) or when Scott insinuates that Khloé is his ideal woman ("How tall are you?"). But the exchange that outshines them all, even eclipsing Kris's neon blazer, involves 11-year-old Penelope Disick.

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"What qualities should we look for in a girl [for your dad]? Khloé asks her.

"Older," she responds.

"He was saying late twenties," Khloé shared.

"No, twenties? You're 40!" Penelope says, shooting her father a look. Then she explicitly reminds him that he's "not gonna date someone 19."

"I would," he replies. "But it's not a good look." (Optics: teach 'em young!)

Penelope's other criteria for a potential stepmom include pretty (optional), "good personality," and "someone who goes to the gym because you need to go to the gym also."

Later in the episode, Scott is set up on a blind date with a woman named Celine who wants five-to-10 kids and is the polar opposite of Kourtney (cheerful). Nice woman, but not likely to pass muster with Penelope.

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