What You Need to Know About the Salsa Cowbell Carbon and Cowchipper Carbon Handlebar Product Recall

salsa warbird
Salsa Issues Recall for Carbon HandlebarsTrevor Raab

Quality Bicycle Products, the owner of Salsa Cycles, has issued an immediate recall for all Cowbell Carbon and Cowchipper Carbon Handlebars. The handlebars subject to the recall were delivered to retailers beginning in January 2018 through August 2022. The affected handlebars were also used as original equipment on select Salsa Cutthroat, Warroad, and Warbird complete bikes delivered to retailers beginning in August 2018 through June 2022.

After receiving reports of some of these handlebars cracking or fracturing where the brake and shift levers are installed, Quality Bicycle Products entered into a Voluntary Recall in cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission and Health Canada

Anyone who owns one of these bike models or purchased one of the handlebars aftermarket should head to their local Salsa retailer and have them replaced immediately. The replacement will be free of charge.

How can I tell if my handlebar is affected by the recall?

Look for the model name of your handlebar, which is located on the front handlebar on the non-drive side area of the stem clamp. Your local Salsa Authorized Retailer can also help you determine if you have an affected handlebar.

What if I don’t have the receipt?

You can still exchange the handlebars for a free replacement, even if you know longer have proof of purchase. The most important thing is that you stop using the handlebar, even if it looks fine. For more information, Salsa can be contacted by phone at (800) 346-3340 or via email: recall@qbp.com

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