What We Know About 'Locke and Key' Season 3

What We Know About 'Locke and Key' Season 3

Before its early 2020 debut on Netflix, Locke and Key had been looking for a home as a project for a long, long time. And while it took a while to get to Netflix—a bit more on that below—it's good to know that it's got a stable and loving home where it can grow from season-to-season as a series. And you know it's got that love, because Locke and Key Season 3 was picked up last December, long before Season 2 even debuted.

Based on a comic series by acclaimed horror writer Joe Hillson of Stephen King, ever heard of him?—the show was at one point planned as a series on Fox TV, and a pilot was even filmed, but it wasn't picked up. Then it was planned as a trilogy of films. Those also didn't happen. A few years later the line, plans for the show were revitalized, with Hulu as the network and director Scott Derrickson (Sinister) on board. Derrickson was eventually replaced by It director Andy Muschietti, who filmed a pilot that also didn't continue. Eventually, the show moved to Netflix, and became the Locke and Key we have today; Muschietti remains a part of the project as a producer, bringing his horror bonafides.

And this is all a good thing for Locke and Key fans, because it seems like the streaming giant is really invested in making sure the show grows and is able to tell the story it wants to tell. Hill's comic was 37 issue long in its initial run, with 5 more issues coming later in what he called "The Golden Age." All of which is to say: there's definitely potential for a lot more Locke and Key. Here's what else we know about Season 3 of the show—which is definitely on the way.


Will Locke and Key return for Season 3?

Yes. A Season 3 of Locke and Key was ordered way back in December 2020. "[Producer] Carlton [Cuse] and [showrunner] Meredith Averill have built an incredible world in Locke and Key and we’re excited to have the Lockes return for more in the third season,” Brian Wright, VP of Overall Deals for Netflix, said at the time.

Fun fact—Locke and Key Season 3 is actually done filming.

In September, Darby Stanchfield, who plays Nina Locke, revealed in an Instagram caption that Season 3 of Locke and Key was actually already done with filming.

"This is the last day @lockeandkeynetflix shoots Season 3," she wrote. "I am already wrapped and doing another kind of work but today thinking about our astonishingly fantastic company and how grateful I am for each of them and for every moment we had filming L&K."

Emilia Jones, who plays Kinsey Locke, confirmed the same thing on her own Instagram.

She even hinted that Season 4 could be in the works:

"That’s a WRAP on season 3 of L&K!!!" she wrote. "Felt incredibly lucky to be able to film two seasons of our show during a pandemic but even luckier to do it with the loveliest cast and crew! Always smiling…even after 15 hours in PPE. I couldn’t love these people more if I tried…gonna miss you all like crazy! See you on the next one ♥️"

When will Season 3 come out?

It took a little longer than a year and a half after the release of Locke and Key Season 1 for Season 2 to come out, but that was, you know, with the whole Covid-19 thing that you may have heard about. With Season 3 already done with filming and in the can, we suspect that it will be released much, much quicker.

Random shot in the dark guess? Late spring or summer of 2022.

Who will be in the cast?

The essential cast from Season 2 should all return for Season 3.

So that means Tyler (Connor Jessup), Kinsey (the aforementioned Emilia Jones), Bode (Jackson Robert Scott), Nina (the aforementioned Darby Stanchfield) Duncan (Aaron Ashmore), Scot (Petrice Jones), Josh (Brendan Hines) and, Frederick Gideon (Kevin Durand) should all be in the mix of Joe Hill's world once again.

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