Jennifer Aniston Talks Effortless Hair, Easy Style (and Keeping Her Wedding Pics Secret)

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Jennifer Aniston likes to keep it easy in terms of beauty and style. (Photo: BEN HASSETT - TRUNK ARCHIVE)

It’s no secret that of all my celebrity interviews, Jennifer Aniston is one of my favorites. She couldn’t be cooler or more fun to talk with. We’ve covered everything from why she thinks injectables are a “slippery slope” to her favorite margarita recipe (it’s Justin’s, of course). So I couldn’t have been happier about having another opportunity to speak with the Living Proof spokesperson and partner. Since we last spoke, Jennifer (brilliantly) pulled off a totally top-secret wedding to actor Justin Theroux without having one leaked picture. This time around we covered the secret to her effortless hair and style, and why she’s thrilled she kept her wedding private.

Bobbi Brown: Hey, Jennifer. I’m at a shoot with 100 people now, so I’m so happy to stop and talk to you. How are you?

Jennifer Aniston: Are you putting beautiful makeup on beautiful women?

I am. We have models and real people. We’re shooting some beautiful new faces for my brand’s 25th anniversary. But we have so much to catch up on. Congratulations on your wedding! I haven’t talked to you since then. I didn’t see any pictures, so that was probably incredible.

Yeah, it was amazing. We were determined to keep it just private and to ourselves. And the thing is, we haven’t even seen pictures. But, you know, it was just everything we wanted it to be, and [we are] very happy that we didn’t have to see our faces on the cover of a magazine.

That’s wonderful. So what’s your secret when you’re not having a great day and you want to give yourself a beautiful glow?

I always give myself a good steam. A hot steam, or I have an infrared hot box that I love that always gives me an extra boost or an extra glow to my skin.

Do you do that daily?

I usually do it right after a workout. Also a really good workout is something that always gets me going. Gives me oxygen and brings my chi right back to where it should be.

What’s your workout of the moment? Are you as consistent with your workouts and health as you are with your style?

Yes, I would say my workouts have been … I’m very busy, I’ve been traveling, and it’s always hard when you’re traveling. But I am consistently great with my food, and I also am not so strict. I usually give myself a day of whatever I want.

One day a week?

I usually give myself one day a week, whether it’s a pasta or a burger or Mexican food, whatever my guilty pleasure is in terms of a greasy meal or some sort of saucy, salty or savory. I’m not much of a sweets person, so my treat would never really be sweets. And for my workouts, I’ve been doing this crazy spin class and then a yoga class.

You definitely are a style icon for so many women. Everyone wants your hair and your makeup style. So how do you find what works for you?

What works for me as far as my style is usually that I don’t change it very often. I just try to stay really comfortable. I don’t try and follow trends because it just always feels inauthentic somehow. You know, like a skinny jean and me don’t really get along.

Really? I always picture you in skinny jeans.

Really? It’s so funny. I do and I don’t, it’s so personal. My husband loves me in skinny jeans, that’s like all he wants me to wear. And he loves it. I personally love a nice flared option, kind of a ’70s vibe or a ripped-up jean or something that’s kind of loose.

And do you wear flats or heels?

I like heels. I’m a heels person; I like to have some height. I love a wedge, a great wedge. Once I find a beautiful wedge, I will never, ever, ever let it go.

You have such amazing hair and just always look effortless. The Living Proof hair products rock.

They do! This hair product company has been such a game changer for me, and that’s the exact reason that I became a part of it, is because every person I talk to who has tried it is just obsessed and loves it. And it’s made their days so much easier because the last thing you want to deal with is your hair, or feeling it being dry and so you’re just putting it up in a little topknot or whatever.

I used it this morning and my hairdresser Eric said, “What did you use? Your hair is so soft, you have to use this all the time.”

Have you been using the Nightcap?

I have not. I have it, but I have not used it. But with the Nightcap, you have to wash your hair in the morning, though?

No. That’s the thing! It’s so great. So you put it on, even though I was a little hesitant at first because it says it’s a cream, so I was like, why am I putting a conditioner on my head right before I go to bed? But basically your hair absorbs it, and you wake up in the morning and it’s shiny and it’s weightless and it’s fluffy. It’s like this crazy weird combo — I don’t know how they do it.

OK, so I will try it. I also want to try the dry shampoo.

I’ve always been afraid of dry shampoos, because when I use them I always feel like I’m putting baking soda in my hair. And then the next day it’s even worse. But the dry shampoo they figured out. It’s actually cleaning your scalp, and it collects all the dirt and buildup that is in your hair when it’s dirty. And you shake it and remove it after 30 seconds or whatever and bob your head up and down, and it gets rid of all the dirt.

Last question: What can we look forward to seeing you in?

I’m doing this movie called Yellow Bird in December. I have a couple of things that are in development that I’m really excited about. I think we’re finally getting a director on my Glory Girls that I’ve been working on with my partner for like eight to 10 years. It’s our baby. So that’s what I’m really looking forward to.

Can’t wait. Thank you, and as always, Jen, it’s so nice to talk to you.

You too. And congratulations on 25 years! That’s incredible.


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