Is KJ Hamler poised for a big week 3?

FFL Flash Alert - With Courtland Sutton out for the season and Jerry Jeudy banged up, KJ Hamler could be the guy in Denver week 3.

Video Transcript

- Now I talked about some bad energy with the Denver Broncos offense off top. But my Fantasy Freebie comes from that particular group. KJ Hamler, and I mean, this is about as free as you can get, folks. He's the minimum value in DFS this week.

But I think he's going to play a ton because he got a lot of playing time in his rookie debut last week. And this is a guy that missed a ton of time in training camp, and it did not matter for the Denver Broncos, with injuries to Courtland Sutton, Jerry Jeudy's a little banged up this week.

This guy is out there running 31 rounds last week. Seven targets, and I talked a little junk about Jeff Driskel up top. Let me tell you what, Driskel is going to air it out. He had 420 air yards last week, despite the fact that didn't even play the full game.

Hamler's a guy with speed. He can run that deep blaze out. I love the way this rookie looks as a future route runner. So hey, if you need a dart throw, definitely look at KJ Hamler against the Bronco-- against a Bucs defense that is pretty good overall. But I still think the negative game [? script ?] for Denver will boost the passing volume, and Hamler's a guy who could exceed those expectations.