Kitten's Angry Look After a Bath From Rescuer Has People Laughing Out Loud

I know I'm not the only person who spends lots of time watching adorable animals on social media. At this point it's practically an obsession, so I've become familiar with plenty of TikTok-famous pets and their owners.

One of the most popular kittens on the app is Wisp, the scruffy-looking rescue baby who's absolutely thriving with Rags to Riches Animal Rescue. Her long-time fans can't get enough of her scruffy look and huge personality, and it's no wonder why she's gaining more new fans every day.

When this kitten got a bath on October 20, though, her scruffiness skyrocketed to a whole new level. Fans love her wet hairstyle, but not as much as they love the cat's angry reaction to being in the bath!

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LMAO! I felt sorry for Wisp for half a second when I saw her try to jump out of the bathtub, but then I lost it the moment I saw the tiny kitten dripping wet. She just looked so angry!

I also giggled a bit at viewer @talkingtovoicesss' funny and accurate comment: "It’s impossible for Wisp to be cleaned." I get what you mean! Her fur is majorly stained from cat food, eye boogers, and who knows what else, so the discoloration is deeply set. But at least she got a bath!

Both Wisp and her mama were saved from the street before the little one was born, but their caretaker at @ragstorichesanimalrescu assumed responsibility as the kitten's caretaker. Mama Cat was fine--she just wasn't interested in parenting. Luckily for Wisp, though, she was born in the purrfect place. She'll always be fed, clean, and cared for!

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