This Kitchen Hack Will Make Your Peanut Butter Jar Look Brand New

Kelly Allen

From Men's Health

Using a bit of physics, people on TikTok have found a way around having to carefully put your hand in a half-finished peanut butter jar to scrape out what’s left in it. Say goodbye to the struggle, because all you have to do is spin the container around a bunch of times and call it a day.

TikTok user @shopsplat made a video and accompanying sound showing off this trick that went viral on the platform. It’s based on a video made by @equivocal_intuition, which showed how you can make a used jar of peanut butter look new by spinning it around on a flat surface in the same direction many times.

Once you think you’ve done it enough for it to work, you can simply open and enjoy, as, if you've twirled the thing long, hard, and fast enough, all of the remaining peanut butter contents should be pushed toward the top of the jar in a perfectly swirled pile—not only are you able to access the PB much, much more easily, but you've also undoubtedly gotten a lot more use out of your jar than you would've had you just attempted to scrape up what was left and failed.

This is a stellar hack for those who don’t want to get peanut butter on their hands when they’re scooping the stuff out of its container. Plus, it’s great for people who prefer a more symmetrical look when it comes to their food. Just me?

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