So, This Is How Kissing Scenes Are Being Filmed During COVID

Stacey Grant
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From Seventeen

It goes without saying that coronavirus has changed how we live our daily lives. From virtual schooling to forming pods and keeping a social distance from friends, things are different these days. Take comfort in knowing that you're certainly not alone, and even your favorite actors are adapting to a COVID world. So, how does one film a kissing scene or television show during a global pandemic? Read on for how these shows are keeping everyone safe on set.


Though season five of The CW show has had to halt production multiple times now, producers are taking extra safety measures. How does a show filled with kissing scenes get by during COVID? As KJ Apa revealed on his Instagram, the stars are using mouthwash — I know, I also can't believe they weren't doing this sooner.

"Our new normal is washing our mouths before every take of a make-out scene," KJ captioned on Instagram along with a video of him and co-star Camila Mendes taking a swig of mouthwash. Based off the video, each of the actors have to keep the mouthwash in for about a minute before spitting it back out into a plastic bag

The Bold and the Beautiful

The soap opera had another idea for kissing scenes and while the execution was a bit off, I'd certainly give them an A for effort. The show went ahead and got mannequins for actors to lock lips with. Again, I applaud the concept but viewers quickly noticed the obvious swap. Naturally, memes ensued.

The Bold and the Beautiful (take two)

After quickly realizing mannequins were not the best idea, Producer Bradley Bell told The Hollywood Reporter they would begin to use some of the actors' real-life partners as stand-ins. "So if you see hands touching faces in close proximity from a wide shot, instead of a stunt double we'll have a love-scene double, where it will be the husband or the wife doing the actual touching," he said.


The show, which finished filming its final episodes during COVID, relied on testing and additional safety guidelines to wrap up. As Variety reported, "Everyone involved in the production — around 360 people, according to Warner Bros. — was tested three times a week." Additionally, the production was divided into seven pods to enforce social distancing.

The show's stars, Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki, told Variety they felt the responsibility was on them and didn't want to do anything reckless. Jared said being careless "would have been shutting down production and putting people out of work again," how they weren't going out on weekends.

The Kelly Clarkson Show

The American Idol alum is fully embracing the Black Mirror-esque video audience to help stop the spread of COVID, while still providing us entertainment. And yes, at times, it looks a little funny. As Twitter user @JoshKurp called out, "The virtual Kelly Clarkson Show audience members awkwardly dancing to Vin Diesel's new song is the funniest thing I've seen in weeks."

Dancing With the Stars

While the competition series nixed its studio audience altogether, it also extended the judges' desks to have eight feet seperation, Deadline reports. As for the actual judging process, dancers — who are being tested five times per-week — remain socially distant after their performance. And instead of in-person camera crews, the rehearsal studio has been set up with remote cameras to capture footage.

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