"The Kissing Booth" Fans Think Joey King and Taylor Zakhar Perez are Totally Dating

Tamara Fuentes

From Seventeen

The Kissing Booth fans couldn't get enough of the crazy love triangle in The Kissing Booth 2, but now they think that one of their favorite ships might totally be happening IRL.

Joey King and Taylor Zakhar Perez posed for some super adorable photos together while celebrating the big premiere of The Kissing Booth 2. According to Joey, they both ended up getting tested for COVID-19 before deciding to hang out together.

Some super sleuth fans also noticed that Taylor replied to one of Joey's comments featuring the L-word.

"Can you at least address in your caption that I'm not abusive to you and you actually care about me a lot or?" Joey wrote, commenting on a video where she playfully slaps Taylor.

"They're love taps. I know," he wrote back with a heart.

In another photo where Taylor wrote the words "I love you" with some letters, Joey replied back with "Aw thanks love you too."

Unfortunately, Taylor confirmed in a recent interview with Glamour that he's 100 percent single. However, he did mention that he hasn't ruled out a date with his co-star.

When asked if he would date a fan, he replied, "I’m a fan of Joey and wish that she would date me, you know what I mean? I feel like it’s different if you’re in the same industry with each other and a fan of each other's work. I don’t want to say no, because you never know. What if you date someone that doesn't know who you are but then becomes a fan of your work?"

So while they might not officially be together, fans still can't get enough of them.

"I'm not gonna shut up coz Taylor Zakhar Perez and joey king looks so good together!!!" one fan wrote.

"It’s 3:30 in the morning and I’m on insta trying to figure out if Joey king is dating Taylor or not and why she isn’t still with Jacob :/" another Twitter user wrote.

"Bro, i would love Taylor Perez and joey king to be together. *screaming inside*" another fan posted.

Joey has recently been linked to The Act producer Steven Piet, although she hasn't posted about him since March. Meanwhile, fans will just have to wait and see if Marco and Elle get together in the third film to see them come together on-screen.

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