Kings' Buddy Hield worth a mid-round draft pick

Rotoworld's Ryan Knaus analyzes Kings SG Buddy Hield's outlook for the season, explaining why he's certainly worth taking in the middle rounds of fantasy drafts.

Video Transcript

RYAN KNAUS: Expectations were high for Buddy Hield going into last season, he was coming off a career year in 2018- 19. And while he didn't exactly flop, there was definitely a decrease in production under Coach Luke Walton who wanted Hield to come off the bench, and indeed, when he did come off the bench, Hield averaged nine fewer minutes, so his stats dipped a little. He was more of a mid-round guy, disappointing given his ADP.

The good news, Bogdan Bogdanovic is gone. He's in Atlanta now, so that frees up the starting shooting guard spot next to De'Aaron Fox. Hield's minutes should go right back up. And the other part of this that's glorious, for fantasy purposes, is that Hield has only missed two games in four NBA seasons so super durable in his prime at 28 years old, doesn't have the highest upside of fantasy guys out there, not a lot of defensive stats, or assists but he's going to carry 3 pointers, score the ball a ton, won't hurt percentages. So he is a solid pick anywhere around 40 or after.