King Charles Is Thinking About Slashing Disgraced Prince Andrew's Gift Allowance

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King Charles Might Cut Off Andrew From AllowanceMax Mumby/Indigo - Getty Images
  • King Charles is reportedly looking at ways to reduce the burden Prince Andrew puts on the Royal Family.

  • That includes relocating Prince Andrew from his current residence, and drastically reducing his gift allowance.

  • Prince Andrew has been removed from official royal duties due to his association with infamous human trafficker Jeffrey Epstein.

These days, talking about the Royal Family is a lot like talking about the boy band scene of the early 2000s: All the headlines are so focused on the interpersonal drama amongst the young and pretty people in the spotlight that it's easy to forget there's an old, allegedly criminal sex-pest puttering around in the background.

But what is to become of Prince Andrew, now that the overly protective oversight of his late mother, Queen Elizabeth II, has been traded for the perhaps more scornful stare of his brother, King Charles III?

King Charles hasn't yet taken any of the more extreme measures of excommunication some expected might occur after Prince Andrew had been accused of sexually abusing a minor he'd met through his connections with infamous sex-trafficker, and Andrew's close personal friend, Jeffrey Epstein. (The case was later settled.) But some smaller moves are being made.

Prince Andrew had already been removed from all royal duties when his close association with Epstein became public, and now Charles is reportedly seeking to slash Prince Andrew's gift allowance and remove him from his long-time home.

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Former First Lady Melania Trump, Prince Andrew, former Congressional candidate Gwendolyn Beck, and formerly living sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein at a party at Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, Florida, February 12, 2000Davidoff Studios Photography - Getty Images

Geo News reports:

"Earlier in March this year, Buckingham Palace announced that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been urged to evict their Frogmore Cottage, which was a wedding gift to the couple from the late Queen Elizabeth II. In the following weeks, reports emerged that the eviction of the Sussexes home was done in order to move Prince Andrew in Frogmore."

However, Prince Andrew simply refuses to leave the property, reportedly intending to "see out his 55-year on a lease he signed." Of course, he may not have much choice in the matter, since the report also notes that Andrew had "resisted the move for some time, but it is understood he can no longer afford the upkeep on the property. Prince Andrew’s stipend has been reduced as he is no longer a working member of the Royal Family."

That's because King Charles intends to drastically "slash Andrew’s £250,000 grant that he used to receive on an annual basis from Queen Elizabeth II." In essence, such a change would force Andrew to relocate, as he could no longer pay for the costs of the 30-room mansion he currently occupies.

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