Kindergartner’s first day of school doesn’t go as planned in emotional TikTok: ‘I would cry so hard’

A little boy’s rough first day of school was just too emotional and relatable for TikTok.

The first day of school ever is never easy. There are all these expectations you don’t quite understand, new people you wonder if you’ll befriend and different rules from what your parents may have. It’s a lot for a little kid to take in.

TikTok mom @nora.lns recorded her son after his first day. Unfortunately, it didn’t go exactly as he had planned.

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The kindergartner exited the school and made a bee line to his mother.

“I had a fun day. Mama, I was trying to make friends but I didn’t,” he said sadly.

“You didn’t?” the mom asked.

“Yeah, I was trying to,” he said.

“It’s OK. It’s OK, buddy. Tomorrow you’ll make more friends,” she reassured.

“Me in college calling my mom,” a user joked.

The video racked up 9.9 million views and 1.8 million likes on TikTok.

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“It’s funny how kids have their own type of stress, that we don’t see or think it’s a big deal,” a person noted.

“Aw as a teacher the first day is always nerve wrecking for all the kiddos! You’ll have tons of friends soon buddy,” a TikToker replied.

“I would cry so hard if my baby came out and said this omg,” another wrote.

“I’m sure everyone was just a little shy on the first day. Not everyone is so brave! I’m sure he’ll meet friends soon,” someone added.

Fortunately, mama was right, and he did make a friend at school soon after. It was just a matter of time!

“I made my first friend but — I made my first friend and I played with him on the playground,” he said, excitedly.

The mom gave him a high five, and the little guy seemed proud of his accomplishment.

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