Kind Woman Takes Scared Shelter Dog on a 'Field Trip' and Inspires Us to Do the Same

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It means so much to these pups to get a break from the shelter.

With animal shelters across the nation at capacity, more volunteers are needed than ever before. Even if you can't work at a rescue or help foster shelter dog, though, you can take a page from @tracyfosterling's book. This rescue advocate and dog mom of 4 treated one of her shelter's oldest residents to a field trip outside of the shelter, and it's giving us all the feels.

From pup cups to belly rubs, it's safe to say that Tracy and her four-legged friend, Lady, had a great day together. If only it could've lasted forever! 

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Aww! What a special experience for both Tracy and Lady. It's hard to top a day of treats and pets! Still, it's tough to think about Lady going back to the shelter when the day is over. Shelter work--even volunteer work--can be more emotionally taxing than it looks!

"See that’s why I can’t I would never be able to bring them back I would feel they are being abandoned again 🥺," admitted commenter @that1crazy72. We know! Still, a day out with an amazing person is better than staying in a kennel full-time. Until she gets adopted, that is!

"Thank you for giving her a perfect day! 🥰," @kfin67 said. We know Lady appreciated it oh-so-much. Even we'd love to spend a relaxing afternoon watching the rain fall. If only we could give a field trip to every shelter dog!

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