Kind Woman Goes Viral for Giving Pancho To Freezing Dog in Istanbul


If you've ever been to Turkey, you'd know that stray dogs are a common sight there, especially in cities such as Ankara and Istanbul. These stray animals are often spayed by animal organizations, tagged, and then released to roam the streets freely.

TikToker Amanda Rollins came across such a stray dog while visiting Istanbul, and the poor dog was freezing as it was cold and raining, so she did something kind, as she posted in a video on November 18. Let's check it out!

Aw, look at this poor dog!

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She bought two ponchos so the dog would be protected from the cold and the rain.

How sweet is that?

It obviously didn't mind and was so thankful for her kind gesture.

As you can see, the stray was super relaxed about it and not scared.

I guess the stray dogs in Turkey are quite used to people coming up to them, as Turkey has faced challenges in managing its stray dog population.

Although the number of stray dogs in Turkey varies, it is significant.

Stray dogs in cities, particularly Istanbul, have been a concern for both residents and authorities. However, in some areas, these stray dogs have become a part of the community, as people feed and care for them, and the dogs, in turn, provide a form of informal security.

There are various reasons why Turkey has such a high number of stray dogs and cats. Such as:

  • Rapid urbanization in Istanbul has displaced both humans and animals. People often abandon their pets when they move to cities.

  • Lack of spay and neuter activities: Local institutions don't often spay and neuter animals.

  • Dogs moved to forests: Some municipalities move dogs from residential areas to forests.

Due to the high number of stray animals, public awareness campaigns have been launched to educate the public about responsible pet ownership, the importance of sterilization, and the humane treatment of animals. These campaigns aim to change attitudes toward stray animals and promote a more compassionate approach.

Unfortunately, the one poncho didn't want to stay on the dog due to the wind, so Amanda had to come back, grab it, and make sure the dog was fully covered.

The TikTok community went bananas over her kind gesture, and many said they would have taken the dog home.

I would have probably felt the same way; however, it's easier said than done.

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