Kind Soul Makes Special Treat Each Night for Neighborhood Possum

TBH, this salad looks pretty delicious.

While we are all out here in this great big world complaining about daylight savings time and watching Yellowstone, there are people out there just doing random acts of kindness that turn our big cold hearts into mush. Now, we aren't suggesting you do the same as amazing TikTok user @Mossandotherstuff does (More on that later!), but it may inspire you to do your own good deeds for those around you. 

Just watch this totally charming video and get ready to awwwww

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@Doingtrivets says, "Love this. I did this and now 5 possums live in my tiny backyard and sleep in the beds I made them on my porch." @Anna adds, 'I love possums so much. We have several too and they’re collectively named George. They’re so dang cute." LOL! All are named George, haha. @Quiltingbaddyholly posts, "I had one in my garage (cat door) and he refused the carrots for cat food instead." That's one picky possum. 

Now, this is awesome, don't get us wrong, but there are issues with feeding wild animals on the regular. Wild animals can carry disease and may bite outside domestic pets. Feeding wild animals can also result in unwanted wild animals, like rats, being attracted to the food you leave out. And if you feed a possum on the regular, what happens when you no longer provide the food? These are all things to consider before you create your own possum salad. That being said, the above video sure is heartwarming. 

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